What is Meant by a Standing Committee?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Standing Committees are permanent committees that meet regularly to review laws, budgets, and policies proposed by central government ministries and agencies. In the Indian Parliament, there are various committees. It is possible to separate their contributions, affiliations, and length of service. There are two parliamentary committees, namely the standing committee and the ad hoc committee.

Standing Committee Meaning and Definition

Standing committees meet on a regular basis with the purpose of reviewing budgets, existing laws, and policies proposed by different agencies and ministries. These permanent committees are appointed by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha or the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and consist of Members of Parliament from both Houses.

  • There are 2 parliamentary committees: standing and ad hoc.
  • Standing Committees are set up regularly. They are created by the Rules of Procedure of Lok Sabha or the Rules of Parliament Act.
  • These committees are engaged in continuous activities.
  • Standing committees include Finance Committee, DRSC, and some smaller committees.
  • Ad-hoc committees are formed with a specific purpose in mind and are dissolved once the task is completed and a report is submitted.
  • The selection and joint bill bodies are the primary ad-hoc committees.
  • Apart from this, the category of advertisements also includes Joint Committee on Food Management in Parliamentary Complex and Railway Convention Committee.
  • Over the years, there has been a desire to have some parent committees or departmental parliamentary standing committees.
  • In fact, three standing committees were formed in 1989 to address issues related to agriculture, science and technology, and the environment and forests.
  • It was finally decided in 1993 to form seventeen ministry-related Parliamentary Standing Committees, composed of 15 Rajya Sabha members and 30 Lok Sabha members, to cover various ministries/departments of the central government and to further strengthen the accountability of the government to the Parliament.


What is Meant by Standing Committee?

Standing Committees regularly review budgets, policies, and laws proposed by the central government and other ministries. These are permanent committees that can be both financial and non-financial and the reports of the standing committees are presented to the parliament.

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