Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims – UPSC Polity Questions PYQ [2022-2013]

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Updated on: March 22nd, 2023

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims would help the candidates to be familiar with question trends and the weightage of different topics. UPSC Polity Previous Year Questions provides a clear understanding of the types of questions asked and the level of difficulty which is crucial to know for all aspirants preparing for the upcoming exam scheduled to be held on 28 May 2023. To be better prepared, candidates preparing for the upcoming UPSC CSE exam must go through the Polity Questions for UPSC asked in Prelims and Mains of the last 10 years.

Download Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims from 2022 to 2013 with answers for revision and practice from the links below, along with checking the analysis of the topic-wise number of UPSC Polity questions asked in the past 10 years.

Table of content

  • 1. Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims (more)
  • 2. Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims Topic Wise (more)
  • 3. UPSC Polity Questions 2022 (more)
  • 4. UPSC Polity Previous Year Questions (2021) (more)
  • 5. Polity UPSC Prelims Questions 2020 (more)
  • 6. How to Prepare for Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims? (more)

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Candidates who will appear in the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam must know that Polity UPSC Prelims questions are a vital part of the syllabus. Every year at least 7-15 questions are asked from the Polity Syllabus for UPSC. That’s why candidates must stay fully prepared for the Polity questions for UPSC as it can be a major factor behind their selection in the Prelims stage.

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims Topic Wise

After analysis of the last 10 years of UPSC Prelims papers, the following is the number of Polity previous year questions UPSC Prelims topic wise:

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims Topics No. of Questions
Historical Background 1
Salient Features of the Constitution 3
Centre-State Relations 3
Systems of Government 6
Preamble 2
Fundamental Duties 4
Fundamental Rights 7
Amendments 1
Emergency Provisions 1
Elections 1
Constitutional Bodies 6
Non-Constitutional Bodies 1
Union Government 10
Ministries & Deptts 3
State Government 4
Local Government 9
Union Territories 1
Scheduled & Tribal Areas 2
Parliament 23
Judiciary 11
Planning 2
Other Constitutional Dimensions 1
Miscellaneous 3
GK type 6
Total 122

UPSC Polity Questions 2022

UPSC prelims 2022 was held on 05 June 2022 and as per the exam analysis, a total of 10 questions were asked from Polity and Governance section.

Question – Consider the following statements:

  1. The Courts Act, of 1971 was passed.
  2. The Constitution of India empowers the Supreme Court and the High Courts to punish for contempt of themselves.
  3. The Constitution of India defines Civil Contempt and Criminal In India, the Parliament is vested with the powers to make laws on
  4. Contempt of Court.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 1, 2 and 4 only
  3. 3 and 4 only
  4. 3 only

Answer – The correct answer to this is Option B, making statements 1, 2 and 4 correct.

UPSC Polity Previous Year Question

UPSC Polity Previous Year Questions

Download the remaining Polity previous year questions UPSC Prelims from the above-mentioned link and match the answers given below.

Answers to UPSC Prelims Polity Questions 2022
1. B 6. B
2. B 7.D
3. B 8. C
4. B 9. A
5. B 10. A

UPSC Polity Previous Year Questions (2021)

The 2021 exam had a high weightage of UPSC Polity Questions. A total of 18 Polity Questions in UPSC Prelims 2021 were asked. The questions were related to the Right to Property, the concentration of wealth, Constitutional government, Judicial custody and more.

Question – A legislation that confers on the executive or administrative authority an unguided and uncontrolled discretionary power in the matter of the application of law violates which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India?

Article 14, Article 28, Article 32, Article 44

Answer – Article 14

Download the remaining Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims and solve them after completing the syllabus. The answers to Polity PYQ UPSC Prelims 2021 are as follows.

Answers of UPSC Polity Questions 2021
1. B 10. A
2. B 11. A
3. B 12. C
4. D 13. A
5. D 14. D
6. B 15. C
7. B 16. B
8. D 17. C
9. A 18. B

Polity UPSC Prelims Questions 2020

A total of 16 UPSC Polity Questions were asked in Prelims on topics such as powers of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, MPLADS, Fundamental Rights, Legal Services Authorities, Parliamentary System, Basic Structure and more.

UPSC Polity Previous Year Questions

How to Prepare for Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims?

Indian Polity and Constitution have occupied a dominant position in all stages of the IAS Exam – Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Every aspirant must know the basics of political functioning to qualify for the UPSC Exam. The knowledge gained from the polity section will be carried forward even after clearing the IAS Exam. Below we have mentioned how candidates can ace this section by preparing through Polity previous year questions UPSC Prelims which would help them to strengthen their chances of getting selected for UPSC CSE Prelims.

  • As a beginner, candidates should start with the NCERT textbooks. The NCERT Books for UPSC are the backbone of the exam preparation. They don’t take much time from the candidates and are easy and simple to understand. One can start with Class X NCERT, Democratic Politics-II, and then move on to the NCERT textbook of Class XI.
  • The next step is to follow some of the highly recommended UPSC Books. Regarding the preparation of the Polity section, there is no better book than the Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth. It is by far one of the highly preferred Indian polity books by aspirants, and you can’t miss this book. This highly resourceful and comprehensive book would be your best friend while preparing Polity questions for UPSC. All the topics mentioned in the UPSC Syllabus are covered in this book. The language in this book is lucid, and everyone finds it easy to comprehend.
  • Apart from M. Laxmikanth, Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.D. Basu and other UPSC Polity Books are also useful for candidates who want an in-depth analysis of the subject.
  • Candidates don’t have to mug up all the articles in the Indian Constitution. They only have to memorize a few important articles. The important articles will get registered if one is clear with the basics.
  • Apart from the books, going through a national daily like The Indian Express or The Hindu is important. While reading this, it is important to pay attention to the editorials and news as well. Candidates should make hand-written notes of the important points, which will help them during the revision period.
  • Polity Questions UPSC Prelims can look tricky, and all options may look similar, leading to confusion. That is why regular revision is needed with practising MCQs. Candidates should go through the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers and prepare accordingly.
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