How does Democracy Improve the Quality of Decision Making?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Democracy improves decision-making quality because decisions in a democracy are usually made after much deliberation and discussion. A democracy is a government that is elected by and for the people. As a result, in a democratic country, what the people think matters a lot. A democracy involves many people in the decision-making process.

Democracy Improves the Quality of Decision Making

Decisions made in a democracy are transparent, as is the process used to reach these decisions, which is also fair because the people of the country are taken into account.

  • A democratic decision is always the result of numerous people, discussions, and meetings.
  • When a group of people puts their heads together, they can identify potential flaws in any decision.
  • Because most decisions are made through discussion, the chances of making rash or irresponsible decisions are reduced.

What is a Democracy?

A democracy is a form of government in which the people have a say in all national decisions. In a democratic country, the people have the authority to decide on legislation or to appoint government officials to do so. Citizens of that country elect representatives, whose job it is to bring their concerns to the attention of senior officials.

The concept of democracy has evolved over time. The earliest form of democracy was a “direct democracy.” The most common type of democracy is ‘indirect democracy,’ also known as representative democracy, in which elected officials represent a group of people. Aside from that, democracy in the modern era is being influenced by a number of factors.

Types of Democracy

There are broadly four main types of democracy as given below-

  • Direct Democracy
  • Representative or Indirect Democracy
  • Constitution Democracy
  • Monitory Democracy

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