Why are Elections Important for Democracy?

By Balaji

Updated on: February 17th, 2023

Elections are important for democracy as it offers a crucial chance to enhance democracy and promote political liberalization. It is an important component of democratic governance. A democratic government must be run through representatives because direct democracy, a type of government in which political choices are made directly by an entire body of qualified citizens, is unhelpful in most contemporary cultures. Elections allow citizens to choose their leaders and hold them accountable for their actions while in government.

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Importance of Elections for Democracy

India, the world’s largest democracy, is built on the basis of elections. 15 Lok Sabha elections have been held since India’s independence; The first took place in 1951-1952.

  • According to the Constitution, every Indian citizen who is at least 18 years old is eligible to vote using the universal adult suffrage voting method.
  • Every adult citizen of the country has the right to vote regardless of color, caste, religion, or gender.
  • Elections give the public a chance to express their opinion and vote for the candidate whose aims and ideas most closely match their own.
  • Elections have been held in India ever since the country got independence from British rule.
  • However, before independence, the right to vote and participate was severely restricted.
  • After its independence, India implemented universal adult suffrage, granting every adult Indian the right to vote.

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