Which Image is Depicted on the Back of New 20 Rupees Note?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The image of Ellora Caves is depicted on the back of the new 20 rupees note. The 20 rupees note was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India. It is a common denomination of the Indian rupee. The new 20 rupee note was introduced in April 2019 by the RBI. It has greenish-yellow color and consists of a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the front and Ellora Caves in the back.

20 Rupee Note Backside Image Name

The 20 rupees note was first introduced in 1972 by the RBI. It was the old 20 rupee note which has reddish-pink in color and had an image of Andaman and Nicobar island at its back. Currently, the 20 rupees note of the Mahatma Gandhi New Series is in circulation.

  • The 20 Rs note is green-yellowish in color and the size of this note is 129 × 63 mm.
  • The security features that are incorporated in the 20 rupees note are the watermark of Mahatma Gandhi, a security thread that reads Bharat, a number panel on the banknote, etc.
  • On its backside, a picture of Ellora Caves is depicted.

Ellora caves are situated in the Sambhaji Nagar district of Maharashtra. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a rock-cut temple that is spread over a distance of 2 km.


Which Image is Depicted on the Backside of the New 20 Rupees Note?

The backside of the new 20 rupee note depicts the image of Ellora Caves. The amount on the note is written in 17 languages. Ellora Caves are situated in Maharashtra and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The new 20 rupee notes have greenish-yellow color and are now identified by the mural of Ellora caves at its back.

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