Describe any Five Characteristics of Democracy

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The five characteristics of Democracy are Elected Representatives, Independent Judiciary, Civil Liberties, Organised Opposition Party, and Rule of Law. A simple and straightforward definition of democracy is “administration by, for, and of the people.” It is regarded as the best among many other types of democracy, including monarchy, anarchy, oligarchy, and others.

Five Characteristics of Democracy

Democracy is the best approach to learning what each social or ethnic group wants, particularly in a diverse country like India. The five characteristics of democracy are as follows:

  • Elected Representative: The people choose their representatives to serve as their leaders. Hence, people are entitled to take part in making decisions.
  • Independent Judiciary: Conflicts are settled more democratically because the court is independent of the government.
  • Civil Liberties: People can access civil freedoms like freedom of speech and expression.
  • Organized Opposition Party: A well-organized opposition party is crucial to democracy because it serves as a check on the executive branch.
  • Rule of Law: In a democracy, the rule of law is upheld, and everyone is subject to the law. In the eyes of the law, the law is supreme, and all citizens are treated equally.

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What are the Five Characteristics of Democracy?

The five characteristics of democracy are as follows – Elected Representatives, Civil Liberties, Organised Opposition Party, Independent Judiciary, and Rule of Law. Democratic governance is regarded as the most refined type of government because it simply reflects the desires and goals of its citizens in society. Because it is a government “of” the people, it operates with the needs of all people in mind, not just the wealthy and powerful.

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