How do Social Divisions affect Politics? Give Two Examples

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Social Divisions affect politics because they disrupt the democratic process. Democracy plays a significant role in the formation of governments. A set of policies and rules are responsible for the development of a democratic country. In addition, the people elect the head of the country and state as their representatives. However, social divisions are known to have an impact on the functioning of politics, as there will be problems with fair elections.

Social Divisions affect Politics

Politics is all about serving the people, but social divisions are a major issue in it. Representatives priorities shift as a result of social divisions, and they begin to focus on only one group of people.

  • Free and fair elections are essential in a democracy. However, social divisions impede the conduct of elections.
  • Human rights are protected under democracy, but social divisions can lead to conflict.
  • People’s active participation in civic life and politics is hampered by social divisions.
  • Social divisions have an impact on politics and can lead to violence, controversies, and national division.

Examples of Politics affected by Social Divisions

Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia were both affected by social divisions. Because of North Ireland’s social divisions, there was violence between Roman Catholics and protestants. Because of ethnic and religious differences, there was political conflict among the people of Yugoslavia. As a result, the country was divided into six independent countries.

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