Which is the Smallest Bird in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Smallest Bird in India is the Flowerpecker or Fulsunghano. India has a diverse biodiversity, with numerous flora and fauna species. Flowerpeckers are 8-10 cm tall and can be found in parts of Southern India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Some Flowerpecker species have become extinct or endangered as a result of habitat loss.

Smallest Bird in India

The Flowerpecker, also known as the Fulsunghano (Bengali for “Full of Flowers”), is India’s smallest bird. It is primarily found in southern India and Sri Lanka. These birds have lovely voice, and their singing and chirping make the listeners happy and is blissful to the ears.

They are known as Flowerpeckers as they eat from the flower nectars. In addition to it, their diet includes spiders, small insects, and berries.

Facts about the Smallest Bird in India

Some known facts about the smallest bird in India are listed below:

  • They belong to a family called Dicaeidae.
  • They are tiny in appearance with short dumpy tails and are often found on the higher level of trees.
  • The color of the Flowerpeckers can range from brownish to olive green, which gives them camouflage properties.
  • They are also known as songbirds due to their melodious voice.
  • In the past few decades, the increase in industrialization and population has endangered this bird species and reduced its numbers. However, they can still be preserved with the help of sustainable growth and awareness.

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