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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

CTET Mathematics Notes & Study Material: Mathematics is a crucial subject for CTET, UPTET & State TET Exams. Most of the candidates are afraid of this section as it includes questions about arithmetic and geometry. It is just a myth that one cannot score well in the Mathematics section.

Maths is a practical and formula-based subject. Students can achieve a great score in this section if they have clarity of the concepts. In CTET, UPTET & other state TET exams, 30 questions were asked from the mathematics section. We are here with a list of the most important mathematics notes for CTET.

CTET Maths Notes for Arithmetic

We will start the notes with the arithmetic section which can be scored if you understand all the formulas and basics. This section includes percentage, average, profit loss, and other formula-based topics which are important for all TET exam. Let’s check out the CTET Arithmetic notes in detail.

Topic Name Study Material Link
Tricks to Find Unit Digit Read Notes Here
Notes on HCF & LCM Read Notes Here
Notes on Time & Work Read Notes Here
Notes on Time & Distance Read Notes Here
Notes on Number System – Part – I Read Notes Here
Notes on Number System – Part – 2 Read Notes Here
Notes on Percentage Read Notes Here
Notes on Simple Interest Read Notes Here
Notes on Average Read Notes Here
Notes on Profit & Loss Read Notes Here
Notes on Ratio & Proportion Read Notes Here
Notes on Compound Interest Read Notes Here

CTET Maths Pedagogy Notes

Maths Pedagogy is the section in the CTET question paper that allows a teacher to connect with their students in the right way. What to teach and how to teach mathematics are covered in this section. Read the notes carefully and then solve questions to establish an understanding.

Topic Name Study Material Link
Study Notes on Language and Community of Mathematics Read Notes Here
Study Notes on Evaluation Methods Read Notes Here
Study Notes on the Place of Mathematics in Curriculum Read Notes Here
Notes on Techniques of Mathematics Teaching Read Notes Here
Notes on the Concept and Nature of Mathematics Pedagogy Read Notes Here

CTET Mathematics Geometry Notes

Geometry in CTET Mathematics covers one of the most interesting topics which is mensuration. This formula-based portion is sections of maths that are not only scoring but is also applicable in daily life. It is the branch of mathematics that deals with spatial properties such as size, distance, shape, and the relative position of figures.

Topic Name CTET Mathematics Geometry Study Material
Notes on Mensuration (2D) Read Notes Here
Notes on Mensuration (3D) Read Notes Here
Notes on Triangles Read Notes Here

Maths Study Notes Important Topics

Candidates are advised to go through all of the topics that are given in the CTET Maths Syllabus. Candidates should focus on a few key areas during their studies and take out time for revision on a daily basis. This will help them become thoroughly knowledgeable about the subjects and enable them to take the exam with confidence. The very important topics that candidates need to be aware of are listed below.

  • Geometry
  • Numbers 
  • Algebra
  • Time
  • Volume
  • Measurement and Weight
  • Data Handling

Key Topics for Maths Pedagogy Notes 

CTET Maths Pedagogy notes should also be included when candidates are learning different aspects of maths. Even though candidates are not performing any mathematical operations, they still need to cover all topics in order to qualify CTET cut off. These are some of the important topics which will mainly be covered in CTET maths notes.

  • Language of Mathematics
  • Nature of Mathematics
  • Evaluation
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • The Problem of Teaching in Mathematics and Error Analysis

CTET Exam Pattern for Mathematics

Candidates should be aware of the CTET exam pattern to know about the total number of questions and total marks. It will take their CTET preparation in the right direction. There will be a total of 30 questions from the content part and pedagogy part. Check out the marks distribution for these two sections in the table given below.

Section Total Questions  Total Marks
Content 15 15
Pedagogy 15 15
Total 30 questions 30 marks

*Number of questions can vary. Each question will be 1 mark and there is no negative marking in CTET.

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