Is CTET Exam Tough? - Tips to Crack CTET in First Attempt

Is CTET Exam Tough? - Tips to Crack CTET in First Attempt

ByNeha Joshi  |  Updated on: Jun 4, 2023
CTET preparation tips & strategies are essential to crack the exam in the first attempt. Candidates must understand the syllabus and exam pattern prior to starting the preparation.

Candidates must have a proper CTET preparation plan based on their abilities in order to pass the exam. A comprehensive preparation plan provides candidates with a clear path to follow. Hence, it is critical to follow a few CTET tips and tricks that will help them pass the exam. Candidates must devise a concrete CTET preparation strategy in order to pass the exam with good scores.

Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the exam but due to lack of proper preparation strategy only a few candidates clear it. Hence, having the best CTET preparation plan is of utmost importance to crack the exam in the first attempt. Have a look at some of the most important preparation tips below.

Best CTET Preparation Tips 2023

Do you want to know how to prepare for CTET exam? Simply follow the exam tips shared by our subject matter experts to pass the exam with flying colors. Candidates should start their CTET preparation for the upcoming exam without further delay. The first and most important stage of preparation is understanding the exam pattern and syllabus. Let's quickly go over the most important factors, tips, and tricks to prepare for CTET.

Know CTET Pattern 2023

Check the CTET Exam Pattern to know about the total number of marks allotted to each section and the questions included in each section. By knowing the exam pattern for CTET Exam, candidates can prepare well for the exam  

  • In the CTET, there will be 150 questions asked carrying a total of 150 marks and the time allotted will be 150 minutes.
  • It will be conducted through Online Mode.
  • The question paper will consist of objective-type questions & there will be 5 sections and each section will have 30 questions.
  • There will be no negative marking in the CTET exam.

Note: Mathematics and Science for Maths and Science teachers (Science Background students). Social Science is for Social Science teachers (Arts Background students).

Follow CTET Syllabus

By knowing the CTET Syllabus, it gets easy to prepare well for the exam. The syllabus can entail detail about the important topic of each subject covered in the exam. It is important to check the detailed syllabus for effective CTET Exam Preparation. Check the CTET syllabus below:

  • CTET syllabus is different for paper 1 & paper 2, During your preparation, try to cover the Complete CTET syllabus.
  • CTET Paper 1 includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Language 1 (Hindi), Language 2 (English), Environmental Studies, and Mathematics.
  • CTET Paper 2 includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Language-1, language-2, Social Studies, or Mathematics & Science.
  • The question paper will be Bilingual (Hindi/English).
  • 20 Language options are available on the CTET notification, Candidate can choose only two languages from the given 20 languages.
  • There are various subjects included in the syllabus, you must make a particular study plan to prepare every topic of the syllabus perfectly.

Focus on Your Weak Area of Study

It is always essential to identify your strength and weaknesses for the right CTET Preparation. This can let you know topics on which you need to focus more. Follow this strategy for your weak areas:

  • Identify the area in which you are weak and have a scope for improvement.
  • Try to read & learn all the basic concepts and start practicing on your weak areas.
  • For the strong areas, you don't need to focus on the basic concepts rather practice more and more questions from those topics.
  • Practice CTET previous year's question papers to understand your weak points.

Read Important Books for CTET

It is important to include essential books in your CTET Exam Preparation so as to get complete knowledge of each topic included in the exam. It is important to include only the Best CTET Books as suggested by subject experts for each subject for the right preparation. Follow these strategies for books: 

  • Prepare at least one Important textbook for each subject as described in the CTET Exam syllabus.
  • You can practice with the help of NCERT Books from Class 3rd to 8th.
  • You can also prefer any of the books from Arihant, Disha, or Upkar Publication for CTET 2022 preparation.
  • You can refer to the best books from the given link.

Learn the Basic Concept and Practice Quizzes

It is always important to clear your basic concepts for each topic for the right CTET Preparation. Follow essential tips for the right exam preparation. 

  • Initially, focus on the basic concepts of each topic, especially in child development & pedagogy.
  • Try to solve Child Development (CDP) questions as well as questions of the other subjects regularly to improve accuracy and performance in each test.

Make a Habit to Prepare Short Notes

Short notes and one-liners can help in easy preparation for CTET Exam. Always make short notes for each topic so that revision gets easy at the time of the exam. Follow these strategies to take the preparation in the right direction:  

  • Once you start your preparation, try to prepare short notes on the topics.
  • These short notes will help you to revise the entire syllabus at the last moment before the exam.
  • Highlight the important points in your short notes which will be beneficial during the revision period.

Revise all Concepts and Theories Before the Exam:

Always keep time for revision. Once you are done completing your syllabus, find time for effective revision. This is one of the most effective CTET preparation tips for good preparation. Follow these strategies for quick revision before the exam:

  • After the completion of the whole syllabus, try to revise all the important topics every week.
  • Try to memorize the concept, important theories, and formulas during the revision.
  • Don't just cram, learn the question try, and understand the basic concept of the question.

Make a Habit of Practice Mock Test Regularly

Don't forget to include practice mock tests and test series in your exam preparation. This could help provide you with a basic idea of the types of questions asked in the exam. Following are CTET preparation tips for mock tests:

  • Regularly attempting CTET mock tests is vital to score good marks in the real exam.
  • You can analyze the section-wise score and improve your preparation rate.
  • based on the mock test, you can manage time effectively and efficiently.

CTET Exam Qualifying Marks

Always know the marking scheme before starting your preparation. This could provide you with an idea of how to prepare for the CTET exam. Check details on CTET qualifying marks here:

  • Try to attempt all 150 questions because there is no negative marking in the CTET exam.
  • For the general category, you need to score 90 out of 150 marks to qualify for the CTET exam.
  • There is no sectional cutoff so don't be afraid of any subject.

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How to Prepare for CTET?

To crack the CTET 2023 exam, candidates must have a proper study plan according to their abilities. A comprehensive CTET preparation plan provides candidates with the right path to crack the exam with ease. Candidates who want to crack the exam in the first attempt must work diligently on their studies. Following are the most important tips subject-wise preparation tips for the CTET exam.

CTET CDP Preparation Tips

Candidates who possess B.Ed. or D.El.Ed. must have studied Child Development & Pedagogy (CDP). The tips to prepare for this subject have been elaborated below.

  • The questions in the Child Development section will be based on the philosophy and guiding concepts of the researchers.
  • It is important to understand the views of inclusive education and children with special needs.
  • The topics should be well prepared on the thoughts and guiding principles of philosophers.
  • Intelligence Theory, Child Development Theory, Theories of Learning, Assessment & Evaluation, and Concepts of Psychology are some of the important topics of CDP. 

CTET Social Science Preparation Tips

Social Science is considered to be a tough subject. Candidates should be aware of the CTET Social Science Paper 2 syllabus to start their preparation in right direction. The tips to prepare for this subject have been shared below.

  • Candidates should study the syllabus of social science and environmental science for classes 1 to 8.
  • To master the History section, make quick notes on Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History.
  • Candidates should read newspapers and watch news channels regularly to increase their knowledge in political and economic fields.
  • They should have basic knowledge of the Indian Constitution.

CTET EVS Preparation Tips

Environmental Studies (EVS) is a scoring subject in the CTET exam. Candidates can follow the tips shared below to score good marks in this section.

  • Due to the comprehensive and fundamental nature of the questions, candidates should study NCERT books from Class I to Class V and Geography books from Class VI to VIII.
  • They should keep themselves updated with the latest current affairs and news.
  • Practice the previous question year and sample paper.
  • Appear in the online mock tests to check the preparation level.

CTET Preparation Tips for Science

In this section, only 30 MCQ questions will be asked from the syllabus of classes VI to VIII. Following are the tips to prepare for the Science subject in a good manner:

  • Candidates must refer to the NCERTs of Classes 6 to 8.
  • They must gain the concept of each topic.

Is CTET Exam Tough?

Many candidates who want to take the exam wonder, "Is CTET exam tough?" The difficulty level of the exam varies between Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 consists of questions of the primary level, i.e. classes 1 to 5. Hence, the difficulty ranges from easy to moderate. Paper 2 on the other hand, consists of class 6 to 8 level questions, so the difficulty level is moderate to difficult.

CTET Preparation Tips FAQs

  • It is critical to choose the best book for CTET preparation. Candidates are advised to read works by well-known authors and publishers. Some of the best books are mentioned below:

    • Child Development & Pedagogy by Disha Publication.
    • Mathematics Exam Goalpost by Wiley Publication.
    • Environmental Studies by Wiley Publication
  • Candidates can prepare for the exam using their own well-thought-out CTET preparation strategy. However, to prepare better, candidates can join CTET online coaching classes and clear the exam under the supervision of expert faculty.

  • One year is the ideal time for CTET preparation. However, depending on their speed and the number of hours candidates wish to commit to the preparation in a day, the time can vary from person to person. With effective tips, easy preparation is possible.  

  • You can begin your CTET preparation by developing a proper understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. Following that, candidates must ensure that they have studied each topic in the CTET syllabus as recommended by CBSE.

  • The best CTET preparation tips are to make study notes and identify your weak areas, as well as areas where you can improve, which might be beneficial at the last minute.

  • The difficulty level of the CTET exam is usually easy to moderate, so passing the exam is not difficult. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the exam and they can crack the exam with proper preparation and guidance.

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