Environmental Studies Notes for Teaching Exams CTET/UPTET/REET, Download PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Environmental Studies is one of the scoring subjects when it comes to the different TET exams such as CTET, UPTET, MP TET, REET & other states TET. Most of the candidates are not able to achieve a good score because of their incomplete knowledge of the syllabus and its important topics.

EVS notes are designed as per the topic distribution of different TET exams will help in streamlining the preparation period. Here, we are sharing complete EVS notes for teaching exams. The Environmental Studies content is very helpful for CTET, UPTET, REET, MP TET, and other teaching exams. Go through the study material and download the Environmental Study notes PDF in English from each topic. 


What is Environment Studies?

Environment studies being a very conceptual and theoretical subject requires a better understanding of the concepts. EVS is the study of the world around us that includes all four zones of life-

  • The Atmosphere,
  • Hydrosphere,
  • Lithosphere, and
  • Biosphere.

The interaction of living with the non-living and how one needs the other for the formation of the ecosystem. It will be easier for students to score well in this section if their concepts are clear. Mentioned below are the topics and the link to the study notes of Environment studies for a streamlined experience. We have divided the topics into two heading- EVS content and pedagogy.  

Environmental Studies Notes for TET Exams

Environmental studies are a very easy and interesting subject. We have arranged the topics -wise study notes for ease of preparation. Make sure you cover all the topics as each of these holds importance from an examination point of view. You also can download the environmental studies notes PDF free from each topic’s content.   

EVS Content Related Notes:

Topic Name Notes Link
Study Notes on Shelter Read Here
Notes on Water Read Here
Notes on Travel Read Here
Notes on Food Read Here
Notes on Food & Nutrition Read Here
Notes on Family Read Here
Notes on Basic Concept of EVS Read Here
study Notes on Flora and Fauna Read Here
Study Notes on Things we can Make & Do Read Here
Study Notes on Environmental Studies & Environmental Education Read Here

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EVS Pedagogy Related Notes:

Environmental studies are the study of the world that surrounds us including all living and non-living things. Pedagogy teaches a candidate how to deliver the topics with ease to the students and make them understand in the easiest way possible. The challenges that a teacher may encounter while teaching a mix of students vary in both intellect and capabilities. We have arranged the study notes of all the EVS pedagogy topics. 

Topic Name Notes Link
Environmental Sciences: Definition, Scope & Importance Read Here
Learning Principles and Theories Read Here
Methods and activities related to EVS Read Here
Concept and Integrated Environmental Studies Read Here
Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE ) Read Here
Problems in Environmental Studies Read Here
Teaching Material & Aids Read Here
Experimentation & Practical Work Read Here
Discussion Read Here
Approaches to Presenting Concepts Read Here
Scope & relation to Science & Social Science & Activities Read Here

Note: All the study notes are available in Hindi as well as the English language. If you want to read all the study notes in Hindi- CLICK HERE

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Environmental Studies Notes for Teaching Exams CTET/UPTET/REET, Download PDF

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