SLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation: Syllabus, Questions, Pattern, Preparation Books and More.

By Vijeta Bhatt|Updated : June 14th, 2021

In the Symbiosis Law Admission Entrance Exam Logical reasoning plays a crucial role in exams nowadays. Out of all the sections, Logical reasoning can be high scoring if you practice well and understand the pattern. The aim of this section is to test the analytical ability of the aspirants and their ability to identify patterns, correct/logical arguments as well as identify logical links.

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In this article, you will get the tips to score well in the SLAT logical reasoning section. Very first you must understand the pattern of the exam, slat logical reasoning topics and more

SLAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus

The SLAT syllabus for logical reasoning consists of various topics that test your reasoning ability. Following are the logical reasoning topic that must be covered to complete the section comprehensively. 

  • Assertion Reason
  • Logical consistency
  • Statement & Assumption
  • Statement & Arguments
  • Statement & Conclusion
  • Statement & Course of Action
  • Statement & Inference
  • Cause & Effect
  • Deriving Conclusion from Passage
  • Syllogism
  • Puzzle (Floor, Scheduling, Tabulation)
  • Seating Arrangement (Circular, Linear, Tabular)
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Order & Ranking
  • Data Sufficiency

Download previous year SLAT question paper to understand what kind of questions are asked in the logical reasoning section. 

Logical Reasoning Questions in SLAT 2021

As per the SLAT 2021 new exam pattern, a total of 12 questions will be asked for 12 marks. 

SectionNo of Q Marks
Logical Reasoning1212
Legal Reasoning1212
Analytical Reasoning1212
Reading Comprehension1212
General Knowledge1212


  • The duration of each test is 90 minutes. (60 minutes for MCQ’s and followed by 30 minutes for WAT for SET and SLAT)
  • There is no negative marking for wrong answers. 
  • All sections are mandatory.
  • WAT for SLAT/SET will be evaluated by the respective institute (s)/ programme (s) for which you have paid and have been shortlisted.
  • WAT scores will not be declared along with SET/SLAT scorecard.

How to prepare Logical Reasoning for SLAT Exam

  • Practising, reading and working hard is all you need to be excelling in this section while preparing for SLAT. First, you should practice the basics of the chapter and solve related assessments on a regular basis.
  • You should enhance the ability to read the question and grasp the required information. You should know which question to be solved and which one can be skipped for attempting later.
  • Practice mock tests of reasoning every week will enhance accuracy; maintain time management, analyse performance and get a chance to work on your weak points of the section.

Attempt multiple SLAT mock test and practice logical reasoning questions to improve efficiency. 

  • If you are having a problem with a question or concept then maintain a diary note of weak areas and daily work on it, continue working with that one until you understand it and then you will see yourself solving questions with ease.

You can also enrol in SLAT Online Coaching 2021 for a better understanding of the concepts.

  • Sort the easy questions first but do not waste much time sorting the same. Only one question is visible on-screen at one time.
  • Do not get over-excited or nervous. This will make it hard for you to solve even the easier questions and the over-excitement will increase chances of error even in easy questions. Be very calm and easy.

SLAT Logical Reasoning Questions

For your better understanding and comprehension, here are a few SLAT Logical Reasoning sample questions for your reference. 

1- Select the option in which the words share the same relationship as that shared by the given pair of words.

Metal : Conduction :: Gas : ?

A. Rotate
B. Transfer
C. Convection
D. Radiation

2- Find the missing term.

119, 109, 89, 59, .......

A. 19
B. 39
C. 49
D. 29

3- If a day is made up of 30 hours instead of 24 and instead of 7 if a week is made up of 12 days but a year still has the same number of hours, then how many weeks will there be in a year?

A. 23.7
B. 24
C. 24.5
D. 24.3

4- Sumit starts from his house and walks 3 km towards the north. Then he turns right and walks 2 km and then turns right and walks 5 km, then turns right and walks 2 km and then again turns right and walks 2 km. Which direction is he facing now?

A. North
B. South
C. West
D. East

5. Statements:
P > K = E ≥ S = T, J = K > L ≥ M, X = R ≥ K > O
I. X < P
II. X > M

A. Only conclusion I is true
B. Only conclusion II is true
C. Either conclusion I or II is true
D. Both conclusions I and II are true
E. Neither conclusion I nor II is true

SLAT Logical Reasoning (LR) Books

You can refer to the following books to prepare LR questions for the upcoming exam. 

Book Name 


A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

R S Aggarwal

Analytical Reasoning

M K Pandey


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Satyam KumarJun 22, 2021



  • 60 minutes for MCQ’s and followed by 30 minutes for WAT for SET and SLAT.

  • The Total marks of Logical Reasoning questions in SLAT IS is 12 Marks for 12 questions

  • There is no negative marking for wrong answers. 

  • There will be 60 objective-type questions. 

  • The SLAT 2021 exam will now be conducted in remote-proctored mode. 

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