SLAT Written Ability Test: How to Prepare for SLAT 2023 Written Ability Test?

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The Written Ability Test for SLAT is one of the most important rounds in the final selection process. It consists of subjective essay-type questions and is conducted after the completion of an objective test. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have discussed all the details related to SLAT Written Ability Test for the candidates who are appearing for the upcoming exam.

SLAT is a national-level Law exam, conducted by SIU every year, for admission into SIU-affiliated institutes. SLAT 2023 will be having a SLAT Written Ability Test in which the exam conducting authority will test the candidate’s writing skills along with the contextual understanding of the major happenings around the Globe. Read the article below to know more about SLAT 2023 Written Ability Test, along with its related details.

What is SLAT Written Ability Test?

The SLAT Written Ability Test is an essay writing round, in which the candidates are given topics based on current events. The link for this round is activated immediately after the objective test. The total time duration for SLAT Written Ability Test is 30 and 20 marks are allotted to this round. Note one thing, the exam conducting authority will evaluate candidates’ performance in SLAT 2023 Written Ability Test, if the candidates qualify for the objective tests. So, the candidates appearing in the upcoming SLAT must practice for this round also while preparing the objective sections. Here, we have shared weightage, topics and preparation tips for SLAT Written Ability Test. Check all these and start your SLAT Preparation as early as possible

SLAT 2023 Written Ability Test Weightage

In the table below, we have shared the weightage of SLAT Written Ability Test, as per the latest and official SLAT Exam Pattern.

SLAT Exam Sections

Number of Questions

Total Marks

Exam Duration

Logical Reasoning



120 minutes

(90 minutes for MCQ followed by

30 minutes for WAT)

Legal Reasoning



Analytical Reasoning



Reading Comprehension



General Knowledge






Written Ability Test



SLAT Written Ability Test Topics

Here, we have listed some topics, that you can prepare for SLAT 2023 Written Ability Test.

  • Anti Conversion Laws
  • India to Become Fifth Largest Economy in 2025
  • New Delhi’s Central Vista project
  • Payment Infrastructure Development Fund Scheme
  • The K-shaped economic recovery and what are its implications?
  • Pandora’s Box: The Toolkit Case
  • India’s Draft for Blue Economy Policy
  • Collegium System for the Appointment of Judges
  • The decline in India’s Arms Imports: A Report by SIPRI
  • Use of Information and Communication Technology in Indian Judicial System
  • Patriarchal Discrimination and Social Dignity of Women

How to Written Ability Test for SLAT 2023?

Follow the tips below and be prepared best for the upcoming SLAT Written Ability Test.

  • Make reading your daily habit. A daily newspaper is the best option for that where you’ll enhance your current affairs knowledge. Newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ are one of the best print ones can get to read.
  • Also, you should make a habit to write one page daily on any of the news topics you might have just read at the beginning of the day. It improves your writing skills and makes you grammatically sound.
  • While writing a page daily, make sure that you are not being verbose. Use short, simple, and crisp language that makes an impact.
  • While reading a daily rag, you might come across certain words that you’re not aware of. Just take note of such words and find their meaning in the dictionary. This is how you can improve your vocabulary as well.
  • Also, you can read any magazine, periodicals, fiction books, editorials, etc. to enhance your reading and English skills.

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Tips while Appearing for SLAT Written Ability Test

Before starting to write for SLAT 2023 Written Ability Test, think of a good introduction to the topic, body of the topic, and a conclusion for the topic

  • Don’t be decisive to take a side of the argument in the SLAT Written Ability Test., instead, be neutral, put your thoughts clearly and then summarize similarly.
  • Avoid using a lot of words to explain anything. Instead, be short and crisp in using words and try to portray all your thoughts in a structured manner.
  • Avoid using tough English, or very high vocabulary words which the panel might find difficult in understanding while assessing your answer sheet.
  • Never be ‘preachy’ in your content for SLAT Written Ability Test. Your content should portray only your opinions/thoughts and should not be such that you are trying to give lessons to someone.
  • Also if the question for SLAT Written Ability Test. is such that you need to give some suggestions in your response, try to find a solution to that question in which you give a unique and interesting answer. The panel assessing your copy looks for something different and innovative which shows the ‘spark’ in that candidate’s thoughts.

In the end, we just want to say that learning is something that never stops, so we suggest all our readers and aspirants keep reading and learning every day. You never know which knowledge of yours might be helpful in to you in any situation you come across in your daily life.

With this, we suggest all the aspirants follow the above tips we provided to help them be effective in their WATs, and the steps we told if followed by you, will give phenomenal results.

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