Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

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Updated : Feb 21, 2021, 12:30

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning is crucial aspect of the Thermodynamic topic. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning MCQ questions are part of various national and international level exams. This topic is studied Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, is studied for computer science, mechanical engineering, and exams including GATE, IES, as well as several PSUs. Going through the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning GATE ME syllabus will help students to be aware of the challenging questions that come in these exams and help them prepare accordingly to score well at their potential.

Students can use this guide for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning GATE notes to be on top of par with these competitive exams such as GATE, PSUs, IES, and others. This will help them prepare step by step approach will ensure they for this essential topic and obtain high scores at their highest level to and achieve their dreams.

Important Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Topics for GATE ME

Here are the important Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning topics for GATE ME to help with your key preparations.



Refrigeration Cycle

Understanding of the process

Heat Pump


Unit of Refrigeration

Reversed Carnot Cycle

Air Refrigeration System



Definition and various ratios

Vapour Absorption System

Definition for Ideal Vapour Absorption System and Coefficient of performance


Definition, Types, properties, and uses

Students must use Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning MCQ pdf to know the challenging questions common among their competitive exam.

Tips to Solve Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Questions for GATE

Here are some useful tips for effective comprehensive learning curve of the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning syllabus for GATE.

  • Thermodynamics is a large topic with refrigeration and air-conditioning play a crucial aspect overall.
  • Hydrocarbons (HCs), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), and Hydrofluorocarbons(HFCs) are the main four refrigerants used in the refrigeration process.

Importance of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning in GATE Exam

As an indispensable part of Thermodynamics, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning helps you understand the concepts gradually to keep the learning curve at the highest competitive level.

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning questions are common among GATE/IES/PSUs
  • Most of the Thermodynamic topics revolve around Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • You can expect 10 to 12 questions for 15 to 20 marks on refrigeration topics.
  • Though both the topics have similar concepts still there are significant differences between Refrigeration and Air Conditioning that students must be aware of.

Students must use Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning GATE questions to know the depth and learning requirements for understanding this topic better.

Most Recommended books for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning for GATE

Here are the most recommended Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning books to help with your exam preparation.

Book NameAuthor
Refrigeration & Air ConditioningC.P.ARORA (Applied Thermodynamics)
Engineering ThermodynamicsP.K. Nag

Students must undergo a Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning quiz to keep up with the preparation required to overcome challenges that come with competitive exams.

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Q. What is refrigeration and air conditioning?

As per the industry rule, refrigeration is a thermodynamic process that includes lowering the temperature of any particular thing below its current surroundings. And when the process also takes into account the production of chilled water for lowering the temperature of a particular room then it is called air conditioning.

Q. What is refrigeration thermodynamics?

A refrigeration system is an entire series of thermodynamics processes that work in a cycle. And a refrigeration thermodynamics cycle then can remove heat from a particular low-temperature object and then forward it to a higher temperature.

Q. How does the basic principle work for refrigeration?

A refrigeration cycle is based on a principle that when the liquid expands into a gas and results in heat from the nearby area.

Q. Which is the main gas used for the refrigeration and air conditioner process?

Here cooling substance takes precedence with R22 having a molecular formula CHCLF2 the most widely used refrigerant for Air Conditioners.

Q. How Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning GATE questions and answers pdf can help you?

With digital notes and prints, a student can use them to learn at their own time to grasp the topic more soundly. Students can also use the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning online test to assess their preparation.

Q. What is the difference between refrigeration and Air-conditioning?

In the refrigeration process, the system takes thermal energy from one place of lesser temperature to another area with a higher temperature. While in the air conditioning, the exchange between energy takes place from air to cool the temperature within.