IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: Sep 12, 2022
Check out all the essential IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips. Know all the last-minute preparation tips to prepare for the upcoming IES ME exam 2023.

Candidates can clear the IES Mechanical Engineering examination when they have a clear idea about the basic concepts. We have provided all candidates with helpful IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips. However, IES preparation tips for Mechanical Engineering are useful for candidates to clear the exam. Candidates must put extra effort into finding relevant things and understanding them, practising problems based on them, and, most importantly, keeping themselves motivated.

Candidates should prepare a proper strategy to get a good rank in the IES Mechanical Engineering exam. In this section, we will help you to get IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips that should be kept in mind while preparing. These IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 preparation tips will go a long way in planning IES preparation and help boost your preparation. Candidates can also learn what to do in the last few days to prepare for the ESE Mechanical Engineering exam.

IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

Solving ESE Full-Length mock tests and previous year questions and revising all the main topics as much as possible before the examination are the main IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips. In addition, candidates must take at least one Mock Test daily to enhance their preparations and analyze their performance. 

  • Effective time management is crucial in these last 15 days of preparation. Time yourself section-wise for both Paper 1 & 2. Allot time for every section and try to complete each section in that time frame only. Don't overburden yourself. Recreational breaks are necessary to refresh your mind, so try to take some breaks between study times.
  • Take regular sleep and proper care of your diet because, without rest and a healthy diet, your brain won't be able to focus correctly.
  • Avoid Guessing. If you are uncertain about a question, it's better to leave it and solve the ones you are confident about.
  • Short Cut Techniques: Solve numerical using short techniques rather than traditional methods to save time. Beware of marks per question, negative marking, and exam duration while attempting the ESE Exam.
  • Memorizing Time- Saving Calculations - Since a calculator is not allowed in Prelims, many toppers have shared their experience in the past to remember some values according to the requirement according to your stream.
  • Revision- Try not to read new material for the topics you have already studied but revise what you have already studied in the past.
  • Practising Numerical Questions- It is not sufficient to know the formulae or the procedure, and you have to solve questions in less than one e minute. For this, the best method is to set a timer and solve maximum questions in that time duration only.
  • Test Series- IES Test Series will come as your savior at its time. Attempt all the tests and don't panic, Especially for GS. It will build your attitude of how to eliminate options and reach the correct answer and Keep revising the tests also.
  • Believe in Yourself - This is the ultimate point: you have worked hard and been sincere. Every aspirant faces it, but ultimately, you cannot let these things get the better.

Subject Wise IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

Previous year's Questions book (Both Objective and Conventional type) should be well edited and prepared. Check the subject-wise IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips in the points below.

IES ME Paper-I

  • Thermodynamics- Read Thermodynamics by PK Nag or Cengel & Bones. Solve Problems from PK Nag's book as it has similar problems as of exam, but the C&B book is excellent for understanding the concepts.
  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery- Notes by an IES Officer will be sufficient for Theory and R K Bansal for Problems. It is a critical subject; you can't clear the exam without mastering it in every chapter. It can have a weightage of 40% itself in the exam.
  • Power Plant- Follow Compressible Flow from PK Nag or C&B; Gas Turbine from V Ganeshan (Very Selective); and Steam Power Plant from Power Plant by PK Nag (Very Selective).
  • IC Engine- Mathur and Sharma is a good book for IC Engine. Avoid too much book reading for the subject if you are in your fourth year or a dropper. 
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning- RAC is a very Scoring subject, especially in conventional. Try to read CP Arora for some theoretical portion, which covers theory in sequential order.
  • Heat and Mass Transfer- Only Numerical based questions are asked. Candidates can read whatever book you have referred to in your college along with Notes.


  • Theory of Machines- RS Khurmi is sufficient for solving good problems and enough in numbers.
  • Strength of Material- You can refer to any college book but most used Timoshenko, but that is not of much use for exam purposes. Better to use some Indian author books like Punamia or Rajput for problem-solving.
  • Machine Design- Read V B Bhandari selectively for problems and theory, as this would be more than sufficient.
  • Industrial Engineering- You can use University referred books and notes as this is the most fragmented subject.
  • Materials Science- You can read Callister and do not waste too much time on its weightage as it can increase or decrease. Read Kalpak Jian, and it has a concise and more relevant form.
  • Production Engineering- Read from Kalpak Jian, Swadesh Singh. Candidates also read PN Rao for Metal cutting and Forming.

Last minute IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

Candidates are not advised to read a new subject and topic in the last few days. Instead, candidates are advised to revise concerts and short notes they have made during the whole year of preparation. Check other IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 preparation tips given below.

  • Studying new mechanical engineering topics in the last week is not advisable.
  • New subjects require some additional time which results in a loss of time.
  • One may not be able to grasp complete concepts, and this exerts additional pressure.
  • Therefore, utilize this time for effective revision instead of going to new topics.
  • Keep the current affairs ready also with the technical knowledge. These students forget.

IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips- Key to Success

According to the IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 preparation tips, the keys to success in the IES Mechanical Engineering exam are hard work, relentless efforts, and perseverance. Still, a smart approach involving systematic planning is crucial to achieving targets. In addition, thorough knowledge of the subject, including clarity of basic concepts, awareness of current affairs, general knowledge, and mature persona, is also a prerequisite for successfully cracking this exam. 

FAQs About IES Preparation Tips for Mechanical Engineering

  • The IES Mechanical Engineering 2023 preparation tips are given below.

    • Effective time management.
    • Taking regular sleep.
    • Avoiding Guessing in mock and real exams.
    • Memorizing Time-Saving Calculations.
    • Revision and Practicing Numerical Questions.
  • One of the best ways to cover this portion is to read the newspaper daily with information related to national and international importance and make notes from the newspaper daily. Allot equal time to ESE ME Paper 1 subjects in your Preparation Timetable.

  • Yes, attempt the exam with full strength. It doesn’t matter how well you have prepared for the exam until you lose your beat or hope during the examination.

  • My first piece of advice is GS paper appears weird to everyone upon first look don't panic it's the same feeling for all, and second, answer only those questions which you are confident on the first go and come back to the rest, you will find some questions to be easy only when you read them for the second time.