ESE IES Preparation Tips

ESE IES Preparation Tips

ByVineet Vijay  |  Updated on: Dec 23, 2021
Read about ESE IES Preparation Tips. Tips to prepare in the 15 days before the exam. Understand what is the key to success and act accordingly to achieve better score.
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Candidates should prepare a proper strategy to get a good rank in the ESE IES exam. In this section, we will help you to get good marks in ESE IES. Here are some ESE IES Preparation Tips to be kept in mind. These tips will go a long way in planning ESE IES Preparation and will help you to boost your preparation. Read what to do in 15 days for the preparation for the ESE exam.

15 days ESE IES Preparation Tips

The UPSC ESE 2022 exam date gives you an idea that you all must have completed almost everything from your preferred study material and books. But Are you still anxious and nervous about your preparation for ESE Exam? Given the fact that only 15 days are remaining for this year’s examination, it is the perfect time for aspirants to buckle up and get the best out of their preparation. Thus, we are here with the 15 days preparation tips to crack ESE IES 2022 exam.

UPSC conducts the ESE IES exam for recruitment of Assistant Engineers and Assistant Directors to different central government departments and it is one of the most awaited examinations. Every year, lakhs of aspirants apply, but only a few get finally selected. This year ESE IES Mechanical 2022 Prelims is scheduled for 20 February 2022

Since only 15 days are remaining, the best thing to do is to concentrate more on the revision than to start new topics now. In the last 15 days, revise all the important formulae, topics, and rules, and make sure you have revised all prepared short notes. Here we are sharing some important tips that can help you with the preparation part.

General Tips To Crack ESE IES Exams

1. Revise all the main topics as much as you can before the examination.

2. Solve ESE Full Lenth mock test & previous year question paper Candidates please note that BYJU'S Exam Prep has made all previous year question papers for ESE all branches like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering & Civil Engineering. You must take at least one Mock Test daily to enhance your preparations and analyze your performance, If you want to Download ESE Previous year Question paper you can get it all from BYJU'S Exam Prep.

3. Effective time management is crucial in these last 15 days of preparation. Time yourself section-wise for both Paper 1 & 2.

4. Allot time for every section and try to complete each section in that time frame only and Don't overburden yourself. Recreational breaks are a necessity to refresh your mind so try to take some breaks in between study time.

5. Take regular sleep and proper care of your diet because, without rest and a healthy diet, your brain won't be able to focus correctly.

6. Avoid Guessing, If you are uncertain about a question then it's better to leave that and solve the ones in which you are confident.

7. Short Cut Techniques: Solve numerical using short techniques rather than traditional methods to save your time. Beware of marks per question, negative marking and exam duration while attempting the ESE Exam.

Last 15 Days Preparation Strategy for ESE IES 2022

  • Memorizing Time-Saving Calculations

Since calculator is not allowed in Prelims, many toppers have shared their experience in the past to remember some values according to the requirement according to your stream.

  • Revision

Try not to read new material for the topics that you have already studied but revise what you have already studied in the past.

  • Practicing Numerical Questions

It is not sufficient to just know the formulae or the procedure, you have to solve questions in less than one e minute. For this, the best method is to set a timer and solve maximum questions in that time duration only.

  • Test Series

ESE IES Test Series will come as your savior at its time. Attempt all the tests and don't panic  Especially for GS. It will build your attitude of how to eliminate options and reach the correct answer and Keep revising the tests also.

  • Believe in yourself

This is the ultimate point, you have worked hard, you have been sincere. In fact, every aspirant faces it but ultimately, you cannot let these things get the better of you

Key to Success

The keys to success in the IES or any other exam will always be hard work, relentless efforts, and perseverance but a smart approach involving systematic planning is also crucial to achieving targets. Thorough knowledge of the subject including clarity of basic concepts along with awareness about current affairs, general knowledge, and mature persona is also a prerequisite for successfully cracking this exam. If you follow a disciplined and dedicated revision strategy, this study plan can add the Midas touchup to your UPSC ESE preparation in 15 days. 


You have worked hard, prepared yourself, and revised all the topics but now you have to the ESE strategy for 15 days and are ready for the exam. It doesn’t matter how well ready you are if you lose your beat or hope during the examination all can go in vain. Your calmness, awareness, relaxed mind along with your hard work decides whether you qualify for this exam or not so Be confident and attempt all you can accurately and timely.

ESE (IES Exam) ME Preparation Tips FAQs

  • My first advice is GS paper appears weird to everyone upon first look don't panic it's the same feeling for all and second answer only those questions which you are confident on the first go and come back to the rest, you will find some questions to be easy only when you read them for the second time.

  • You have worked hard, prepared yourself, and revised all the topics but now you have to go according to ESE strategy for 15 days and are ready for the exam. It doesn’t matter how well ready you are if you lose your beat or hope during the examination all can go in vain

  • Refer to the Following Article For paper 1 -  How to prepare for General Studies and Engineering Aptitude Paper

  • Yes attempt the exam with full strength, It doesn’t matter how well ready you are if you lose your beat or hope during the examination.