CMAT Preparation: Know Section-wise Tips, Strategies & Guides to Prepare for CMAT 2023

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CMAT Preparation is all about practice, solving the past year’s papers and theoretical study. There are no such good combinations except these three to do CMAT Preparation 2023 in a result-oriented manner. How to Prepare for CMAT is the most common question for every aspirant who dreams of joining AICTE-affiliated institutes to study MBA. Thereby, you must start your CMAT Preparation for all five exam sections in advance to get a good percentile in the exam.

Many candidates wonder by considering about How to Prepare for CMAT 2023 as the syllabus is really huge. Additionally, it is very important to follow a clear CMAT Preparation strategy to ace this exam easily and in one attempt. Here, our experts have consulted section-wise CMAT Preparation tips in detail to support the candidates in their preparation. The below-mentioned CMAT Preparation leads will help you make a result-oriented strategy to improve your probability of getting a good rank in the exam.

CMAT Preparation 2023

First of all, the candidates should be well-versed in the syllabus and exam pattern to get better clarity before starting CMAT Preparation. There is a long list of topics, and the aspirants need to cover them all to get a good CMAT score. Additionally, CMAT Exam Pattern had been revised in 2022 and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship section is added as a compulsory chapter. So, the common Management Admission Test CMAT has 5 sections.

  • Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Note the table below to get the latest paper pattern. The candidates can expect a similar exam pattern this year considering last year’s exam.

CMAT Sections

Number of Questions

Maximum Marks Allotted to the Sections

Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation



Logical Reasoning



Language Comprehension



General Awareness



Innovation & Entrepreneurship






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How to Prepare for CMAT 2023: Section-Wise Plan

CMAT Syllabus is vast, and the aspirants need to cover all the topics to get a good score. So, they must follow an effective CMAT Preparation plan for every section of this exam.

CMAT Exam Preparation for Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation

The candidates who want to appear for the upcoming CMAT must follow the following tips to Prepare for CMAT 2023 Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation section.

  • They must practice the basic formulas of mathematics at the time of CMAT Preparation.
  • They must follow shortcut tricks for calculation instead of step-by-step calculations. This will help them to save time.
  • The candidates need to focus on their weak areas during CMAT Preparation.
  • The candidates should keep on revising the mathematical formulas.

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CMAT Preparation for Logical Reasoning

The aspirants should solve different types of logical reasoning problems with different difficulty levels. Note the below CMAT Preparation tips to complete the Logical Reasoning section.

  • They must solve realistic CMAT test papers to understand question types and difficulty levels.
  • They must work on their accuracy to avoid negative markings in this section.

CMAT 2023 Preparation for Language Comprehension

The aspirants must start CMAT Preparation for this section as early as possible because the questions are sometimes tricky and confusing.

  • They should start reading newspapers, magazines, and online articles regularly to improve their vocabulary.
  • They must have clarity in English grammar.
  • Always try to read abstract comprehension to understand the paragraph’s sentence breakdown.

CMAT Preparation for General Awareness

It is one of the scoring sections, and the aspirants must follow the below-given CMAT Preparation Tips for General Awareness to get an overall good score in the upcoming exam.

  • The candidates should keep themselves updated with the recent news on different topics like business, social media, politics, finance, games, history, and games at the time of CMAT Preparation. Go through CMAT Answer Key in detail.
  • They should focus on daily current affairs as most of the questions are asked from current affairs under the GA section.
  • The candidates should prepare for this section in advance. Last-minute CMAT Preparation will not help to score well in this section.

How to Prepare for CMAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have highlighted the following CMAT Preparation tips to help aspirants prepare for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship section of the CMAT.

  • Questions are generally asked about Business affairs, New Investments, Budget & Economic surveys, Schemes, and Policies related to entrepreneurship, business promotion, important events, Startups, banking regulation and reforms, the general economy, and current affairs. Therefore, a daily habit of reading newspapers is highly recommended.
  • The aspirants must read different business magazines to get recent updates on business and the economy.

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Topics to be Covered while CMAT Preparation

The candidates must be well-versed in all the important topics while doing the CMAT Preparation. It is very important to know the topics so that you can answer question paper quickly and accurately. Below is a list of topics you must cover during CMAT Exam Preparation.

CMAT Subjects

Important Topics To be Covered

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation


Time and Work

Ratio and Proportion

Unitary Method

Average, Profit, Loss, and Discount

Inequalities, Logarithms

Geometry and Mensuration


Arithmetic and Algebra

Charts and Graphs

Logical Reasoning

Below are the topics that you need to cover for CMAT Exam Preparation:

Linear Arrangements

Cause and Effects

Blood Relation

Statement and Arguments

Coding and Decoding

Assumptions and Conclusion

Order and Ranking


Language Comprehension



Error Spotting

Synonyms and Antonyms

Para Jumbles

Word Matching


General Awareness

The candidates must prepare the below topics for CMAT Preparation for this section:

Current Affair

Corporate News





Indian Constitutions


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Check for the below topics for CMAT Preparation:

Concepts of Innovation

Stages of Innovation

Entrepreneur -definitions, Types

Theories of Entrepreneurship

Role and Importance of Entrepreneurs

Innovation Risks

Types of Entrepreneurs

Role of the Government in promoting Entrepreneurship

Types of companies

Funding of startups

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Best Books for CMAT Preparation 2023

The candidates should not be confused about choosing the right books for their CMAT Preparation. Candidates who have enrolled for the CMAT Online Classes can check the books available to them curated by our experts. Below are some important Books that you can follow for CMAT Preparation. Get the PDF list of CMAT Books per the expert’s recommendation.

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT: Arun Sharma
  • High School English Grammar & Composition: Wren & Martin
  • Objective General Knowledge: Lucent’s
  • General Knowledge: Disha Experts
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management: R. Gopal
  • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT: Arun Sharma
  • Concepts of LR – Logical Reasoning for CAT & Other MBA Exams: Gajendra Kumar
  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: Arun Sharma

CMAT Preparation: Month-wise Strategies

Here we have shared the month-wise CMAT Preparation tips to assist the candidates in their preparation. The month-wise CMAT 2023 Preparation is extremely important to make an effective preparation for all the exam sections before the exam date.

CMAT Exam Preparation: Important Do’s and Don’ts

The candidates have to follow an effective study plan for CMAT Preparation. They should list out important dos and Don’ts to get a good CMAT Result. Note the below table to get an idea about important Dos and Donts for CMAT.



Practice previous years’ CMAT Question Papers regularly to get an idea of the type of questions asked and the difficulty level of the question paper.

Do not study any irrelevant topic and stick only to the revised Syllabus for CMAT.

Practice sectional CMAT Mock Tests to analyze your performance and preparation level.

Avoid attempting questions that are very time-consuming and confusing as it involves CMAT Negative Marking.

Give online mock tests, analyze weak areas and work on them.

Be calm while answering GA questions.

Stay focused and practice regularly while doing CMAT Preparation.

Never lose hope and never be tensed after seeing the complex questions in the Language Comprehension section of the CMAT Entrance Exam.

How to Prepare for CMAT 2023?

In order to Prepare for CMAT, the candidates can follow the below-mentioned expert-recommended CMAT Preparation tips. It will help them to prepare well for the upcoming CMAT.

Make a Study Plan

This should be the first step in CMAT Preparation. Every CMAT Aspirant must plan in advance on How to Prepare for CMAT. Proper time should be allocated for each topic under the CMAT syllabus.

The candidates should identify the areas in which they are weak and need to pay more attention. They must create an organized study schedule for every day during CMAT Preparation. This will help them to assess their daily and weekly targets.

Solve CMAT Previous Years Question Paper

The candidates can practice previous years’ CMAT question papers to get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam. These tests will help the candidates to understand the question pattern and difficulty level. Besides, they will also better understand the subjects of the CMAT that they need to complete to ace this exam in one chance.

Attempt CMAT Mock Tests

After completing the entire syllabus, the candidates can attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep CMAT online test series. It will boost their confidence by giving them an exam-like experience. The aspirants can easily check their preparation level and analyze their performance at the time of CMAT Preparation.

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Revise Regularly

The regular revision will help the candidates remember the important facts, formulas, topics, and figures they studied for CMAT Preparation. So, the accuracy and confidence in solving the questions will increase. Besides, regular revisions lower stress and anxiety by allowing the aspirants to study at their own pace.

☛ Check the previous year’s CMAT Exam Analysis.

Make Notes on Diary

The candidates must note down every uncommon word with its meaning and usage in the sentences. It will help to memorize those words, which can be used to solve questions based on Language Comprehension in the CMAT. Maintaining a journal of vocabulary words will be quite beneficial. This writing habit during CMAT Preparation is important to keep track of your vocabulary improvement.

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