How to Prepare for CMAT in 3 Months? Expert’s Tips and Strategies

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CMAT Preparation in 3 Months is possible if the candidates make a well-prepared and strategic timetable to cover all the sections. For those who are preparing for the other MBA exams, including XAT, MAT, and CAT, for them, 3 months is enough time to prepare for CMAT. However, the candidates who are only aiming to appear in CMAT can prepare for CMAT in 3 months, as this exam is very easy to crack.

First of all, the candidates must analyze their strengths and weaknesses to make an effective 3 months CMAT Preparation Plan. Here, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have made a detailed study to help you to know How to prepare for CMAT in 3 Months.

How to Prepare for CMAT in 3 Months?

To make an effective 3 months CMAT preparation plan, you should know your position, strengths, and weaknesses. First of all, the candidates must clearly understand the latest CMAT Exam Pattern to get an idea of the section-wise weightage, marking scheme, topics covered, and difficulty level. After that, go through the CMAT Syllabus and all the important chapters one by one and evaluate yourself. You can see that in the English, Quants, and GA section, there are many chapters that you have studied at the school level. So, the main thing is you need to brush up on your previous knowledge considering the chapters that need to be covered to crack the CMAT Exam.

The next plan in CMAT Preparation in 3 months should be to get a hold of the best CMAT Books, which will cover all the chapters and exercises. You can also join BYJU’S Exam Prep CMAT Online Coaching to get updated study materials for preparation.

CMAT Preparation in 3 Months: Key Highlights

After compiling the study material for CMAT, the candidates must do the below tips to prepare for CMAT in 3 months.

  • Spent enough time to complete the syllabus and try to complete it on time. So that you can get enough time for revision.
  • It is recommended to join online study groups. It will help you to interact with the other candidates. Additionally, you can keep in touch with the experts so that you can get instant responses to your queries.
  • Learn shortcut tricks to solve math questions quickly and accurately.
  • Solve previous years’ CMAT Question Papers lots of time to enhance your speed and confidence.

How to Prepare for CMAT in 3 Months: Month-wise Study Schedule

It will be helpful for the candidates if they prepare CMAT Preparation Plan in 3 months in three sessions. Note the table below to get a session-wise plan to Prepare for CMAT in 3 Months.



First 45 days

Complete all the important chapters and topics

Next 30 days

Practice sample questions as many as you can

Last 15 days

Revise what you have prepared

The candidates sometimes wonder how to Prepare for CMAT in 3 Months. Here is a three-stage CMAT Preparation plan to assist the candidates to ace CMAT in just 3 months.

Step 1: Analyze CMAT Syllabus Properly

An overview of the syllabus is extremely important for CMAT Preparation in 3 months. It will help the aspirants to analyze the test patterns and understand test requirements to get a good score. There are 5 sections in CMAT, including

  • Language Comprehension and Verbal Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • General Awareness
  • Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Below, we have listed a complete strategy to cover each of the chapters of CMAT in 3 months.

  • Always start a topic which is difficult for you. Study it thoroughly and practice exercises to understand the concepts.
  • Read the newspaper daily to tackle RC questions. Work on your comprehension skills and strengthen your grammatical sense.
  • Study Manorama Year Book to prepare static GK questions

Step 2: Solve Question Papers

The candidates must solve previous years’ CMAT Question Papers to get the desired result in just 3 months. Solving the question papers and sample papers helps you to understand the exam pattern and trends of the question type along with the difficulty level. Additionally, CMAT mock tests will help you to prepare for the upcoming exam, as sample papers are replicas of the actual exam. It is recommended to give atleast 1 month to solve different types of questions to prepare for CMAT in 3 Months.

Step 3: Revision

The last 15 days of CMAT preparation in 3 months should be spent in revising the concepts that you have prepared. Go back to the topics, one by one, and revise them concentratedly. Go thoroughly through all the formulas and important logical reasoning theorems and quant.

Prepare for CMAT in 3 Months: Do’s and Don’ts

Some important Do’s and Don’ts are listed below, which would help the candidates in their CMAT Preparation in 3 Months.



Only solve the CMAT previous year’s question papers to get an idea of the type of questions and the difficulty level.

Avoid studying irrelevant topics and try to stick to the revised syllabus.

Candidates should focus on answering questions correctly, as there will be negative markings.

The candidates should read the questions carefully.

Practice online CMAT mock tests and analyze the weaker points to perform better.

The candidates should be calm while tackling the GK questions.

Stay focused and practice regularly.

Do not lose confidence after seeing the complex questions in the English comprehension in the CMAT exam.

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