SLAT 2023 Preparation: Subject-Wise Preparation, Important Topics

SLAT 2023 Preparation: Subject-Wise Preparation, Important Topics

ByNeeraj Mishra  |  Updated on: Sep 26, 2022
Get all the details about SLAT Preparation 2023 for the upcoming Exam. How to Prepare for Symbiosis Law Entrance Test 2023? Expert Tips and Strategies for subject-wise SLAT Preparation.
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SLAT Preparation is the way by which the candidates make a plan and make ready for the exam. How to Prepare for SLAT is the most common question that everyone wants to know. Candidates who are thinking of appearing in the upcoming exam must start SLAT 2023 Preparation as early as possible. You must keep in mind that only perseverance and discipline will enable them to succeed in the SLAT 2023.

According to the view of the experts, starting the SLAT Preparation 2023 earlier will provide the candidate an advantage over the competition. Read on to know expert tips and strategies on How to Prepare for Symbiosis Law Entrance Test 2023.

Important Points to Crack SLAT Exam 2023

SLAT is a national-level Law Entrance Exam and the most important exam after CLAT. Candidates who are interested in joining SIU to study law can appear for this exam and start SLAT Preparation 2023 to complete the syllabus on time. Below are some basic tips on How to Prepare SLAT Exam 2023.

  • Recognize the subjects covered, the question kinds, and the level of difficulty.
  • Consider your advantages and weaknesses as you dedicate yourself to SLAT 2023 Preparation.
  • Divide the time allotted for studying for the SLAT Exam 2023 into sections.
  • Recognize the SLAT Exam Pattern. It was modified a little by SIU. View a summary of the time allotted for each part in the table below.

SLAT Exam section

No. of Questions

Total Marks

Logical Reasoning



Legal Reasoning



Analytical Reasoning



Reading Comprehension



General Knowledge






How to Prepare for the Symbiosis Law Entrance Test?

The Symbiosis Law Admission Test SLAT is an entrance test conducted by Symbiosis International University (deemed) to offer admission in the five-year law integrated BA LLB.(H) & BBA LLB (H) Course. The candidates who are preparing for SLAT 2023 should have an idea of the question types, paper patterns, and difficulty levels. Always start SLAT Preparation as the earliest to that you can complete the syllabus and other important topics on time and get enough time for preparation. Download SLAT Question Paper and start practicing.

The first step to productive SLAT Preparation 2023 is to be well versed with the exam pattern & syllabus. Note that there are 4 exam sections, and it is important for you to make a section-wise SLAT 2023 Preparation plan to crack Symbiosis Law Entrance Test with a good score. Get all the details about SLAT Answer Key.

SLAT Preparation 2023 for Reading Comprehension

This section contains 12 questions, varying sub-heads like grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal ability, idioms, phrases, etc. The reading comprehension may include both short or long passages with a central theme, based on which questions are asked. Below are the expert-recommended tips on How to Prepare for the SLAT Exam 2023 for the General English section. Get a list of SLAT Colleges.

  • Reread the concepts and rules of grammar once. Take it slow and steady; do not push yourself too much. Get the SLAT Analysis from the prior year to stay informed of the test's difficulty levels and question kinds.
  • To develop a comprehensive vocabulary sense, follow newspapers, news articles, good novels, and story books every day.
  • On the final day of SLAT Preparation 2023, be sure not to start anything new. You'll end up confused if you do that.
  • Keep a diary and make it a habit to practice writing new words as you learn them. Start improving your skills with SLAT Practice Paper.
  • For this section, 1-2 months of SLAT Preparation are insufficient to perform well in this section. But be sure that you are focused and dedicated to your study. Check all the details for SLAT Admit Card.

SLAT 2023 Preparation Tips for Analytical Reasoning Section

It is the easiest, most scoring, and most important section of the SLAT Exam. A total of 12 questions will be asked on topics such as number system, probability, algebra, height and distance, percentage, profit & loss, mass and volume, and logical fallacy, analogy, syllogism, agreement & disagreement, blood relations, cause effects, critical reasoning, etc. So, the candidates must have a clear idea of these topics and follow the below-mentioned tips on How to Prepare for SLAT Law Entrance Test 2023 to crack this section with a good score.

  • Revert to your fundamental knowledge of topics like numbers, percentages, height, and distance during SLAT Preparation. Go through the previous year’s SLAT Cut Off and get an idea of the marks that you need to score to get selected for the final admission round.
  • Analyze the previous year's question papers to understand what questions were asked in the examination clearly.
  • For conceptual clarity, review each topic daily and finish chapter-by-chapter activities during SLAT Preparation 2023.
  • Avoid assuming anything. Understand the questions and their direction carefully, and then answer the following questions.
  • Follow your SLAT 2023 Preparation for this section with more and more practice. It will help you to increase your accuracy so that you can remember the basic concept while solving the questions.
  • Remember, the facts are always right and should be applied strictly to the validities in the Analytical section.
  • Work on proper time management at the time of SLAT Preparation. Avoid wasting time on a single question. It is best to go on to the next one if you are unable to solve the previous one.

SLAT Analytical Reasoning Questions Sample

To assist the students in SLAT Preparation 2023, our experts have given some examples of analytical reasoning questions. Click on the link below and download the SLAT Analytical Reasoning questions PDF file. 

☛ SLAT Analytical Reasoning Sample Questions PDF Download

SLAT Preparation 2023 for General Knowledge

The General Knowledge section contains 12 questions from vast covering topics from Political Science, History, geography, General Science, etc. from static GK and National & International affairs, important events happening around the world, etc. from the Current affairs section. Thereby, your SLAT Preparation for this section should focus on the difficulty level of this section, the syllabus, and most importantly, recent news and current affairs. Note one thing that, the International arena is expected to have a considerable weightage, with the number of questions ranging between 5-6. Note the section below to get a list of important topics that you need to cover in the GK section at the time of SLAT Preparation 2023. 

Important Topics to be Covered during SLAT GK Preparation 2023

Note the table below to get an idea of the topics which are needed to be prepared at the time of SLAT 2023 Preparation.

Current Affairs

Static GK


Constitution & Polity



National & International Affairs

State Affairs

Awards & Honours

Govt. schemes 


Science & Defence

Appointments - National & International

Agreement & Deals

Science & Technology

Reports & Index



Indian Polity


Power Plants

National park

Arts & Culture

Capital & Currency

Headquarters of National & International Org.

Nobel Prize 

Padma Awards

Reports & Index, Science, Space, and technology

Constitutional GK (specific reference to higher Judiciary and Fundamental rights and DPSPs)


Salient features of the Constitution

Fundamental rights and duties

Borrowed features of the Indian Constitution

Age limits in the Indian constitution for different portfolio

Ancient India: Indus Valley Civilization

Battles fought between various rulers

Different dynasties and their time period

Famous rulers of each dynasty etc.

Gandhi era


Indian freedom struggle etc.

Major landforms

Solar system




International borders

National highways and waterways

Indian climate etc.

SLAT GK Questions PDF

To help the candidates in their preparation, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have given a PDF file consisting of SLAT GK Questions sample. Click on the link below, download sample questions, and start your SLAT Preparation for the upcoming exam.

☛ Download SLAT GK Questions PDF

Experts Tips on How to Prepare for SLAT Exam GK Section

Note the below points to get the expert’s recommended tips for SLAT Preparation 2023 to crack the GK section easily and accurately.

  • Make a daily habit of reading the newspaper. Keep yourself aware of news and important happenings worldwide by way of New Channels and other social media platforms for SLAT Preparation.
  • In the examination, attempt this section either in the beginning or at the end. Not more than 15 minutes should be devoted to this section. Get all the details for SLAT Registration, including the dates, process, fees, and documents to be submitted.
  • Refer to quality books and magazines, including the NCERT social sciences books you read during school during SLAT 2023 Preparation.
  • Be aware of the important appointments and personalities in the news. Read up on the latest amendments and statutory enactments.
  • Make a timetable as per your daily routine for SLAT Preparation 2023 and stick to it. 
  • Make sticky notes of the facts that are hard to memorize and paste them on a place where you visit frequently or which is near to your sight.
  • Attempt as many quizzes as you can after going through the syllabus. This way, you will retain the important facts and figures for a long. 
  • Attempt for 2-3 mock tests in a week while preparing for SLAT 2023 and analyze those tests properly. Find your weak points and note down those areas in a notebook.

SLAT 2023 Preparation for Logical Reasoning

As per the latest official syllabus, the logical reasoning syllabus consists of various topics that test your reasoning ability. A total of 12 questions are asked which aim to test the candidate’s analytical and interpretation skills and his/her sense of understanding and comprehending aptitudes. So, your SLAT Preparation 2023 must focus on clearing the concept first, practicing, and solving the questions accurately.

The difficulty level of this section is moderate but solving these questions consumes a lot of time, so practice as more as possible in order to enhance your efficiency. Below is the list of topics that you need to cover while SLAT Preparation for this section. Check SLAT Eligibility details first, then apply for the exam.

  • Assertion Reason
  • Logical consistency
  • Statement & Assumption
  • Statement & Arguments
  • Statement & Conclusion
  • Statement & Course of Action
  • Statement & Inference
  • Cause & Effect
  • Deriving Conclusion from Passage
  • Syllogism
  • Puzzle (Floor, Scheduling, Tabulation)
  • Seating Arrangement (Circular, Linear, Tabular)
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Order & Ranking
  • Data Sufficiency

SLAT Logical Reasoning Questions PDF

To help the candidates in their preparation, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have given a PDF file of SLAT Logical Reasoning questions. Click on the link below, download sample questions, and start your SLAT Preparation 2023.

☛ SLAT Sample Questions for Logical Reasoning PDF Download

Tips to Crack Symbiosis Law Entrance Test Logical Reasoning Section

Practicing, reading, and working hard is all you need to be excelling in this section while preparing for SLAT 2023. First, you should work on the basics of the chapter and solve related assessments regularly during SLAT Preparation.

  • Enhance the ability to read the question and grasp the required information. It is important to have an idea on which question to be solved first and which one can be skipped for attempting later.
  • The regular attempt of mock tests atleast twice a week during SLAT Preparation days will enhance accuracy. Additionally, it will help you to learn how to manage time. Analyze your performance and get a chance to work on your weak points in the section.
  • If you have a problem with a question or concept, then maintain a diary note of weak areas and daily work on it.
  • You can also enroll in SLAT online coaching to better understand the concepts.
  • Do not get over-excited or nervous. This will make it hard for you to solve even the easier questions, and the over-excitement will increase the chances of error even in easy questions. Be very calm and easy.

Best Books for SLAT Preparation

Note the table below to get a section-wise list of Books for SLAT Preparation.

Exam sections

Name of the Books and Authors

Analytical reasoning

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal

Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A K Gupta

Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey

Logical reasoning

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R S Agarwal

However, the best study sources for the SLAT Legal Reasoning section are listed below.

  • Supreme Court Judgements
  • The Indian Express
  • The Hindu
  • Live Law
  • The Economic Times
  • Bar and Bench
  • Livemint
  • The Economist
  • The Guardian
  • The Wire
  • Bloomberg Quint

How to Crack Symbiosis Law Entrance Test [Expert Tips]

Here, our experts have listed some tips and strategies which can help you in your SLAT Preparation for the upcoming exams.

Know the SLAT Syllabus

In order to know what to study for SLAT, the candidates must check the syllabus of this exam. It will help them to understand the topics covered in this exam. The candidates should understand the syllabus first to get a good SLAT Result.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Candidates should have a clear understanding of the SLAT Paper Pattern. It helps them to know the number of questions they need to be answered during the exam. Additionally, you will also become familiar with the SLAT Marking Scheme exam if you go through the exam pattern once. 

Time Management

Candidates should know time management in order to ace the SLAT. Have a proper strategy keeping in mind your weak areas. However, there is no sectional time limit in this exam, but the candidates need to know the proper utilization of time to answer the questions quickly and correctly. So, make a timetable first at the time of SLAT Preparation. 

Attempt Mock Test

Candidates need to attempt the Mock tests in order to get exam experience. Mock tests will help you know their preparation level. You can attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep SLAT Mock Test to understand this exam's paper pattern and difficulty level. Additionally, attempting a mock test will give a real exam experience, which assists you in rectifying the mistakes while SLAT Preparation.

FAQs on SLAT Preparation

  • The candidates need to gather all the study sources before commencing their preparation for SLAT Exam 2023. You can join BYJU’S Exam Prep Online Classroom Programme to learn How to Prepare for SLAT Exam from experts.

  • In order to prepare for SLAT Exam, the candidates should have complete knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus. First of all, understand the topics covered and difficulty level. Then make a list of all the important topics and be prepared accordingly.

  • Start from the beginning to check your position for SLAT Preparation. Make notes for all the important questions and formulas and revise them in your free time. Practice online mock tests and get clarification of your queries directly from the expert.

  • Yes, the candidates can do SLAT Preparation at home. But it is recommended to join BYJU’S Exam Prep to get updated study information and tips to prepare them in a scheduled format. You can check for Live Classes, Quizzes, etc., on the BYJU’S Exam Prep App.

  • One needs to read the basics of each topic from the SLAT Legal Reasoning. Starting from constitution law, contract law, criminal law, and torts, an aspirant need to cover the current legal events too.

  • Start your SLAT Preparation with any good newspaper (The Hindu or Economic Times) and read the editorial section and all-important news articles in the newspaper, and write down the topic in your own words. 

  • Below are some tips for SLAT Preparation for reading comprehension that you can follow to ace this section.

    • Read the concepts of grammar well.
    • Work on your English vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, and usage of the words in the sentences.
    • Practice 1-2 comprehensive passages daily to improve your speed.
  • You can follow the below 3 books for SLAT Analytical Reasoning preparation:

    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal
    • Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
    • Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A K Gupta
  • The best study sources for SLAT Preparation 2023 for legal reasoning are 

    • Live Law
    • The Hindu
    • The Economic Times
    • The Indian Express
    • Bar and Bench
  • The principle-fact-based questions that the candidates must work on during SLAT 2023 Preparation

    • Absolute liability, from tort law
    • Defamation, from criminal law
    • Theft/Extortion from Criminal law
    • Private defence, from Criminal law, etc.
  • To prepare for Symbiosis Law Entrance Test logical reasoning section, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

    • Attempt mock tests regularly,
    • Solve chapter-wise questions to build accuracy
    • Do not get excited if you see the common questions in the exam. Stay calm and solve the questions slowly.
    • Maintain notes for all the important points of your weak areas.
  • The most important topics that are needed to be focused on for SLAT GK Preparation are:

    • Current Affairs
    • Static GK
    • Indian Constitution
    • Awards
    • History and Geography


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