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By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 24th, 2022

Students who want to prepare for GATE ECE without coaching are required to follow the given tips. THE GATE ECE exam is considered one of the hardest exams to prepare for without formal coaching. But with dedication and proper guidance, GATE ECE can be cracked comfortably. 

GATE ECE 2022 is really close and students are aiming for ranks under 200. In order to get the best opportunities out of GATE ECE, 2022 students must follow the preparation strategy strictly. In this article, we will see a few tips that students shall follow if they want to know how to prepare for GATE ECE without coaching.

Start early and understand the syllabus as well as the exam pattern of the GATE exam.

Students preparing for GATE ECE are advised to start preparing for the exam as early as they can. They need to keep the idea behind the preparation that they have to complete the entire syllabus early so that they can get enough time to revise, solve question papers and practice enough numerical problems. Starting early will benefit students to split the syllabus into small portions accordingly.  

Students shall also be aware of the GATE ECE exam pattern. It is advised to only follow the official GATE website for exam patterns. Students shall download the GATE ECE syllabus from the official Gate website only. 

Divide your day and number of hours per topic

Planning for the GATE ECE exam is really important in order to finish the syllabus on time. Time is a very important factor for the GATE preparing candidates. ECE students shall divide the syllabus in accordance with the weightage of the GATE ECE topics. Allot more time on the high-scoring topics of the GATE ECE subject and less time on the relatively less-scoring subjects. 

Finish the GATE ECE syllabus ASAP

The best practice to prepare for the GATE exam is to finish the syllabus on or before October. This will not only give you enough months to further revise and prepare better but will also help in allotting quality time to mock test papers. 

The syllabus and concepts in each topic shall be prepared at least once before October ends. After October try to not start any new topic unless necessary. 

Attempt mock test papers

As and when you finish the syllabus, it is advised to attempt mock test papers. Try attempting full-length mock test papers based on the GATE ECE exam. There are various online platforms that provide mock test papers to make students feel the real exam-like scenario.

It is important to clear all the doubts experienced while attempting mock test papers. Refer to the ECE course books if necessary. 

Revise regularly

Revision of completed GATE ECE topics shall be done immediately. Schedule the revision strategy. Revise two topics simultaneously to revise better. Try to recall every concept you feel is important for the GATE exam.  

Solve previous year question papers 

Previous year’s questions papers of GATE ECE will be a pivotal point of the preparation. They will help candidates to recognize the pattern and exam-specific ideas. Students shall solve all the previous year’s question papers at least thrice before the GATE exam. 

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  • Students with GATE-specific plans can crack the GATE exam. They shall start the preparation as early as possible. Revision of the complete syllabus shall be started from November. Attempt full-length GATE ECE mock test papers. 

  • To prepare for GATE ECE without coaching students are required to buy trusted study material. Study for at least 5-6 hours daily to complete the GATE ECE subject on time. Revise and attempt full-length mock test papers of GATE ECE.

  • Yes, ECE is tough for GATE. GATE ECE is one of the most competitive and challenging exams for undergraduates. 

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