Is GATE Tougher Than JEE? GATE vs JEE

By Mona Kumari|Updated : October 3rd, 2022

The GATE exam is definitely tougher than JEE (Advance or Mains) exams. The level of concepts and questions tested in the JEE papers are 11th and 12th whereas, in the GATE exam, undergraduate subject knowledge along with the General Aptitude of the student is tested. To answer the question- Is GATE tougher than JEE, candidates should have knowledge about both exams. Here, we have provided a significant comparison of GATE vs JEE.

JEE exams are conducted to help students get admission to undergraduate education programs all across India whereas the GATE exam is not limited to admission to Post-Graduate education programs. Let us see in detail why is GATE tougher than JEE exams.

GATE vs JEE (Advance/ Mains)

The GATE exam is considered tougher than JEE exam. Students appearing in the GATE exam will get opportunities like admission in the Master's programs, job opportunities, Fellowships, etc whereas the students appearing in the JEE exam will get admission in the IITs, NITs, or private institutions for the undergraduate programs. This proved that the level of the questions asked in the JEE exam is lower than in the GATE exam.

Competition and demand for a good score in the GATE exam are higher than the JEE exams. Although more than 11 Lakh students sit for JEE exam each year, still the quality of competition is more in the GATE exam with 8 Lakhs applicants.

The syllabus of the GATE exam is quite vast and deep compared to the JEE syllabus. The level of General Aptitude testing is also high in the GATE exam. Math syllabus is also of a higher level of education asked in GATE than in JEE. 

Why is GATE Tougher than JEE?

The GATE exam is considered tough because of many reasons. Let us try and find out why this exam is considered tough for Graduates. 

  • The GATE syllabus is wide and challenging. There are many subtopics in the GATE syllabus. Every topic which is read and studied in the graduation course is covered in the GATE exam along with General Aptitude.
  • Not only MCQ-based questions are asked in the GATE exam. Numerical Answer Type questions are known to be very challenging and require precise calculation up to a few decimal points.
  • Even though a virtual calculator is provided in the GATE exam still the calculations and numeric questions are quite challenging to solve and process.
  • 65 questions are required to be solved within a 3 hours span. 
  • Covering the complete syllabus is difficult for students. Along with the syllabus completion, multiple revision of the syllabus is really important and requires 3-4 hours daily revision which is time-consuming for students and overburdens the students.
  • The virtual calculator also requires extra practice since it is a bit different from the normal scientific calculators. Operating and becoming cognisant of the virtual calculator is another task for the students.


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  • Yes, the GATE exam is for sure tougher than the IIT JEE. The GATE exam tests the knowledge of the undergraduates to get admission in the post-graduate education programs whereas IIT JEE tests the understanding of students for admission in the undergraduate programs.

  • Since GATE is considered tougher than JEE exam therefore JEE is comparatively easier than the GATE exam. Although both the exams are considered one of the toughest exams in their domain and known to be very challenging for students. 

  • There are various exams in India that are considered tougher than JEE exams. Exams that require an undergraduate level of education as their eligibility is generally considered tougher than the JEE exam, for example, GATE, GRE, CAT, etc.

  • Yes, the GATE exam is tough and known to be very challenging. More than 8 Lakhs of students appear for the exam each year.

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