GATE Physics 2022 Preparation Tips: Best Books, Important Topics, Revision Strategy

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 31st, 2022

The GATE Physics 2022 exam is really close for students to sit for. A last-minute preparation strategy can be really beneficial for the students to score better ranks. GATE Physics has an exam code PH. The syllabus for the GATE PH is updated and uploaded on the official website. 

In this article, we will use the GATE Physics 2022 preparation tips which will definitely be beneficial for students to get good ranks and take the most out of the exam. 

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GATE Physics(PH) Preparation Tips

GATE Physics is a computer-based test for the students/candidates planning to either work for PSUs or take admission in the Post-Graduate education programs in India or abroad. The GATE Physics preparation tips are:

  1. Understand and know the GATE Physics exam pattern and syllabus
  2. Be used-to to the GATE Virtual Calculator
  3. Buy and select course books and trusted publications
  4. Create a plan with keeping remaining days in mind
  5. Revise everyday
  6. Attempt GATE Physics mock tests
  7. Solve Previous year GATE Physics papers 

Let us know all these tips in detail.

Understand the GATE Physics exam pattern and GATE Physics syllabus

Before starting preparation for the GATE Physics, the first thing students are required to do is understand and get accustomed to the syllabus of the GATE Physics. The official syllabus of the GATE Physics is available on the official GATE website or GOAPS portal. 

There are a total of 10 subtopics in the GATE Physics syllabus. Students are advised to know all the important topics. They shall know the weightage of the topics of the GATE Physics topics. Plan your strategy according to the weightage. 

Students are advised to understand the exam pattern as well. There will be a total of 65 questions for the GATE Physics paper. General Aptitude will carry 15 marks with 10 questions in the GAYE Physics paper. 

Be used-to to the GATE Virtual Calculator

The GATE Virtual calculator can be really important for the numerical problems asked in the GATE Physics paper. It is required for the students to understand the functioning of the Virtual Calculator. The functioning of the calculator can be a bit challenging if students are not fully aware of the functions of the GATE virtual calculator. 

Students shall be aware that precise calculation is required from them. Answers correct upto two decimal points may be required. 

Buy and select course books and trusted publications

Selective and trusted books shall be referred to by the students. Course books of graduation shall be the first choice of the candidates. The market has a lot of books that are not targeting the GATE exam and will waste the important time of the students. Students shall only focus and buy the GATE Physics targeting books. 

Create a plan with keeping remaining days in mind

Plan the remaining days for the GATE PH exam. Allot the time accordingly until the final day of the exam. Divide the time for revision as well. The plan of the preparation shall cover the fact that time shall be allotted according to the weightage of the topics. 

It is important for students to allot fixed time for General Aptitude as it is a high-scoring subject and can definitely boost the rank of the students. 

Revise everyday

Revision of the complete GATE Physics syllabus is mandatory to get a good GATE rank. It is really important to do repeated revisions and recall all the concepts so as to make the most benefit of the preparation.  

It is advised for the students preparing for GATE PH to revise all formulas in the topics. Formulas are really important for numeric problems. Revising Physics numericals by solving as many numeric problems is suggested. Numerical problems can only be revised by solving them. Numeric practice will also help in improving the speed of the calculation. This will also help in getting accustomed to the GATE virtual calculator. 

Attempt GATE Physics mock tests

GATE Physics Mock test papers are an important part of the preparation. Students are advised to get themselves enrolled in the online GATE Physics mock test papers for better practice and understanding of the real-time scenarios.

Mock test papers are another way to get accustomed to the GATE virtual calculator. SPeed of the calculation and clarity of concepts is also achieved through the mock test papers.

Solve Previous year GATE Physics papers 

Previous year’s GATE Physics papers are a really important part of the preparation. Previous years’ papers will help in understanding the GATE PH exam pattern. Students are advised to practice solving the paper within 3 hours. Doing papers within 3 hours will help you to understand the exam scenario as well. 

GATE Physics 2022 Syllabus

The GATE PH syllabus is uploaded on the GOAPS portal. Students can download the GATE PH syllabus. The GATE Physics syllabus has the following topics other than General Aptitude:

  1. Mathematical Physics
  2. Solid State Physics
  3. Electronics
  4. Electromagnetic Theory
  5. Quantum Mechanics
  6. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  7. Classical Mechanics
  8. Atomic and Molecular Physics
  9. Nuclear and Particle

Each subtopic is important in order to gain a good score on the GATE exam.

GATE Physics 2022 Exam Date

GATE Physics 2022 exam date is 12th February 2022. The admit cards were released on 15th January 2022 for students to download. Physics. A physical copy of the GATE Physics admit cards is a necessary document for the day of examination.

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  • Students preparing for GATE Physics are required to plan their strategy. They shall divide the time and allot dedicated hours for the GATE PH exam. Revise every day. Attempt mock tests. Solve previous year’s papers.

  • No, the GATE PH exam will not be postponed. The GATE PH will be conducted on the 12th of February, 2022.

  • Yes, the GATE PH admit card is released on the official GATE website. It was released on 15th January 2022. Students can download and take the physical copy of the admit card. They will be required to present it on the day of the examination.

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