The Transformer Ratings are Usually Expressed in

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The transformer ratings are usually expressed in______

  1. kW
  2. kVA
  3. kVAR
  4. kWh

Choose the correct option from the options given above.

Answer: B. kVA

The transformer ratings are usually expressed in kVA.


The transformer ratings are usually expressed in kVA. While designing the transformer and generator, the designer may not know the exact operating power factor of the machine, which depends on the nature of the load connected to their output. 

But for a motor, the power factor is constant; as we can calculate the reactive power requirement while designing itself, later it will not vary as its output is mechanical. Hence the motor ratings are generally expressed in kW.

 Since both input and output power of the transformer is electrical, which involves the exchange of both active and reactive powers, these may vary according to the load. 

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