An Open Resistor Checked With An Ohmmeter Reads

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

When an open resistor checked with an ohmmeter reads-

  1. High but within tolerance
  2. Zero
  3. Low but not zero
  4. Infinite

Answer: D. Infinite

When an open resistor is checked with ohmmeter reads infinite.


We considered a series type ohmmeter as shown in below figure,

In series type ohmmeter unknown resistor (or) resistor to be measured (Rx) is connected as shown in figure. When the unknown resistance value is zero (terminals A, B is shorted) maximum current flows through basic meter which is basic d’Arsonval movement, then the meter shows maximum current which is marked as 0 on the scale. Similarly, when unknown resistance Rx is open circuited or removed from the circuit, then current in the basic meter indicates zero current which is marked as infinity. Thus, when an open resistor is checked with ohmmeter, basic meter will read zero current which is ∝ resistance.

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