Operating System GATE Questions: Download PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

As a GATE computer science student, you are likely aware of the importance of operating systems (OS) in modern computing. Operation System is an important subject for the GATE 2024 exam as it carries 6-7 marks questions. Operating systems are crucial in managing and coordinating computer hardware and software resources. They form the backbone of many daily devices, from smartphones to laptops and servers. Therefore, it is essential to practice operating system GATE questions for the students preparing for the GATE 2024 exam.

This article aims to provide a downloadable pdf on Operating System GATE questions. This PDF contains the most frequently asked operating system GATE questions. By preparing for these questions, candidates can enhance their knowledge and build a strong foundation in operating systems, which is crucial for their exams and career.

Operating System GATE Questions: Download PDF

The operating system GATE questions PDF is shared on the page below. This PDF contains some of the best GATE questions for operating systems with detailed solutions. Candidates can click on the link below to download the PDF.

Download Operating System GATE Questions PDF

Information About Operating System GATE Questions

In the GATE CSE exam, questions on operating systems could be asked in various forms, such as theory-based questions, multiple-choice questions, and numerical problems. In addition, some operating system GATE questions include process management, memory management, file systems, security, and concurrency control topics. Other information is shared in the form of points below.

  • A good understanding of operating systems will help you perform well in the GATE CSE exam and equip you with essential knowledge for further studies in computer science and a successful career in the field.
  • An operating system is a software layer that sits between the computer hardware and user applications. Its primary function is to manage and coordinate the use of computer hardware resources, such as memory, CPU, and input/output devices, among others.
  • An operating system also provides a user interface and APIs for applications to interact with the hardware.

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