Which factors helped the British conquer Bengal?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

The factors that helped the British conquer Bengal included their superior military might and because they used shrewd political manoeuvring, or bribery, to win Mir Jaffar's allegiance as one of the Bengal Army's leaders. It would turn out that his betrayal during the Battle of Plassey was a crucial element in the British victory.

The British Conquest of Bengal

  • The first Indian kingdom that the British invaded was Bengal.
  • The East India Company had successful business dealings with this province.
  • Bengal's vast resources proved useful for British funding expansion.
  • Bengali products make up about 60% of British imports from Asia.
  • In the 1690s, the British East India Company founded Calcutta, becoming a commercial town for the British.
  • The Mughal emperor granted the Company permission to conduct unrestricted trade in Bengal for an annual payment of Rs 3,000 (£350).
  • In contrast, the Company's exports from Bengal were valued at more than £ 50,000 annually.
  • As a result, the main contention between the British administration and the Bengali government was the friction between their commercial interests.
  • To establish their indirect but ultimate dominance in the province, the British felt the need for a "puppet" to serve as the Nawab on the throne of Bengal and voluntarily grant them trade advantages and other privileges.


Which factors helped the British conquer Bengal?

Due to their superior military prowess and cunning political manoeuvring, or bribery, to secure Mir Jaffar's allegiance as one of the chiefs of the Bengal Army, the British were able to capture Bengal. It would eventually show that his treason greatly influenced the British victory at the Battle of Plassey.


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