When was the Treaty of Allahabad Signed?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Treaty of Allahabad was signed on 16th August 1765. Following the Battle of Buxar on October 23, 1764, the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II and Robert Clive of the East India Company signed the Allahabad Treaty. The Treaty signalled the beginning of British rule in India as well as their political and constitutional involvement.

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Treaty of Allahabad

In Allahabad, on August 16, 1765, the Treaty of Allahabad was signed. I’tisam-ud-Din, a Bengali Muslim scribe, and diplomat to the Mughal Empire, handwrote the treaty. Following the British defeat of Shah Alam and his allies, the Nawabs of Awadh and Bengal in the battle of Buxar, the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II, the late Emperor Alamgir II’s son, and Robert Clive of the East India Company, the Treaty was signed.

  • The Treaty of Allahabad marked the beginning of the political and constitutional involvement of the British in Indian affairs.
  • The Treaty marked the beginning of British rule in India, as well as its political and constitutional involvement.
  • According to the terms of the agreement, Alam granted the East India Company Diwani rights, or the right to collect taxes on behalf of the Emperor from Bengal’s eastern provinces of Bihar and Orissa.
  • These rights enabled the company to directly collect revenue from the people of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa.
  • In exchange, the Company paid an annual tribute of 26 lakh rupees while securing the districts of Kada and Allahabad for Shah Alam II.

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