What was the Responsibility of Mir Bakshi?

By Devyani Singh|Updated : August 3rd, 2022

The position of Mir Bakshi was that of the head of the Military Administration in the Mughal Empire. King Akbar introduced the Mansabdari system, which defined the rank of Mir Bakshi. Mir Bakshi is responsible for the gathering of intelligence and accordingly recommends people for military promotions and appointments.

List of Responsibility of Mir Bakshi?

Mir Bakshi served as the general of the military. He headed the entire military rule. One of the primary responsibilities of Mir Bakshi was to account for the timely payments of the military force. He also made changes to the military policy. 

Initially, a Bakshi headed the department with different breeds of horses. The first ruler to introduce the branding of horses was Alauddin Khilji. Here, a Bakshi would inspect and review the horses and write reports, and issue certificates. The rank slowly gathered more gravitas and importance in the administrative sphere, too, by performing the duties of a Wazir. This gave rise to the rank of Mir Bakshi.

The system of branding was started by Khilji, but it took an administrative turn under Akbar’s reign. Akbar had allotted multiple Bakshis under his Mir Bakshi. Under Akbar, Mir Bakshi was in-charge of recruitment, reviews, and other errands similar to these. 

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FAQs on Responsibilities of Mir Bakshi

  • Mir Bakshi was a rank under the Mughal rule who acted as the Military General and headed administrative responsibilities related to war and the army. 

  • The Mir Bakshi post was started under the rule of the Khilji Sultanate of Delhi.

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