What is Caste Certificate? Where is the Caste Certificate Number Located?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A caste certificate is a piece of document that provides information about the original caste of any respective individual. For people from the reserved categories to demonstrate that they are deserving of a reservation or assistance, a caste certificate is specifically required. In addition, the caste certificate number can be found in the certificate’s bottom left corner.

Caste Certificate and the Location of Caste Certificate Number

Be it in education or government jobs, a candidate must prove they are from a reserved category to be eligible for the reserved seat. This is where the caste certificate comes in. Candidates must produce their caste certificate while applying and get the benefit of reservation.

  • This certificate is required in order to waive the admissions fee for schools or colleges. Also, it is necessary for candidates to receive quotas in educational institutes.
  • In order to receive age relaxation when applying for government jobs, this certificate is required, as specific government-sponsored scholarships for students.
  • It stipulates a reservation percentage for government employment and the application procedure.
  • SC/ST students can use the caste validity certificate to apply for scholarships and gain admission to colleges and universities, among other academic purposes.


What is Caste Certificate? Where is the Caste Certificate Number Located?

A caste certificate is a document that contains information about a person’s original caste. It is especially beneficial for people who fall into one of the reserved categories. They must present this document with the caste certificate number in the bottom left corner when applying for any course or job. Hence, it is a significant document that is required during admissions to academic institutions and while applying for government jobs, etc.

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