Who were the Liberals, Radicals and Conservatives?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Liberals, Radicals, and Conservatives were during the Russian Revolution, the Liberals wanted a society that accepted all religions; Radicals aspired to a government that focused majorly on the majority of the population. The Conservatives were in favor of maintaining the existing status quo. History was changed significantly and forever by the Russian Revolution. During the nineteenth century, several political changes marked the beginning of change.

Liberals, Radicals and Conservatives

There are different types of people in every community and throughout history. They can be broadly divided into three groups: radicals, liberals, and conservatives. It was a section of Russian society that wanted to transform the nation and make it accept all religions. The fundamentalists favored a system of government largely based on population.

They opposed the benefits enjoyed by the rich factory owners and huge landowners. Traditional institutions of state and society, such as the family, church, and socioeconomic hierarchy, are revered by conservatives. An overview of Liberals, Radicals, and Conservatives are shown below:

Define Liberals

Liberals were in favor of social reform and religious tolerance for all. The liberals were opposed to the uncontrolled power of the dynastic kings and wanted to protect the rights of every individual. However, not all liberal concepts were democratic. They opposed the idea of universal adult suffrage and demanded that only men with property be allowed to vote.

Define Radicals

The feminist movement was supported by fundamentalists and Radicals. They were against the privileges enjoyed by powerful land and business owners.

Define Conservatives

The status quo was preferred by conservatives. However, after the French Revolution, their attitude changed. They supported gradual change while preserving some heritage institutions.

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