How Did the Revolution Affect The Everyday Life of the People of France?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The everyday life of the French people was deeply affected by the revolution. With the abolition of Censorship and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, Freedom of Speech became a natural right. The Freedom of the Press was also granted. Pamphlets, Newspapers, books, and printed photographs flooded the cities of France, from where they quickly moved through the countryside.

Affect of French Revolution on the Life of French People

The French Revolution was a period of radical political and societal change in 1789. It affected the life of the French People in many ways. The Revolution ended in 1799 and led to:

  • Change in dressing style and pattern due to equality and liberty.
  • Freedom of Speech and Expression was now a natural right
  • The revolutionary ideas of the French Revolution changed the language the people spoke and the books they read.
  • The freedom of the press and printing books and newspapers were granted.
  • The abolition of censorship.

French Revolution

The city of Paris was in danger on the morning of 14 July 1789. The king ordered the soldiers to enter the city. Rumors spread that he would soon order the army to open fire on civilians. About 7,000 men and women assembled in front of the town hall and agreed to form a people’s militia. They ransacked several government buildings in search of weapons.

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