What was the Name of the Secret Society that was Founded by Guiseppe Mazzini in Berne?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 29th, 2022

The name of the secret society founded by Guiseppe Mazzini in Berne was Young Europe. Young Europe was an underground society founded by Guiseppe Mazzini in Berne. Guiseppe Mazzini was an Italian revolutionary who founded two such secret societies namely: 'Young Italy' in Marseille and after that, he founded the second secret society named 'Young Europe' in Berne.

The 'Young Europe' society was a group or gathering of young men from France, Poland, Italy, and some German states who had similar interests and thoughts.

Secret Societies Founded by Guiseppe Mazzini

There were only two secret societies that were founded by Guiseppe Mazzini namely: Young Italy and Young Europe.

Young Europe was founded in Berne after Young Italy was founded in Marseille. Guiseppe Mazzini was a liberal who advocated liberal ideas and inspired youth. He was in favour of the unification of Italy and tried to spread the same message.

He wanted the youth to participate in revolutionary activities and therefore he thought of establishing secret societies where young people with similar interests and ideas may come together and work towards a common goal.

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  • Guiseppe Mazzini founded two secret societies: Young Italy & Young Europe.

  • Mazzini included the word ‘young’ in both the names of his secret societies as he wished to inspire the youth and involve them in revolutionary activities.

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