What is the Importance of Preamble?

By Devyani Singh|Updated : July 19th, 2022

The Preamble is the perfect introduction to the basic principles and guiding force supporting our constitution. The Preamble sites the source of authority for the document; where it derives its meaning from. Our Constiuent Assembly adopted it on 26 November 1949. This came into effect on Republic Day, 26th January 1950.

It holds great significance in our constitution and is also an important part of it. The Preamble notes the fundamental values and highlights of the constitution.

What is the Importance of the Preamble in the Indian Constitution?

The Preamble of the Indian constitution is a very relevant and deeply important part. Within the span of one page, it covers and highlights the basic fundamentals of our country and the guiding force behind its administration. 

The Preamble states several meaning-dense words that accurately capture the essence of India; 

  • Lays down primary objectives for the legislation to achieve 
  • Lays down ideals for the Constitution to live by 
  • Provides direction and impetus for the Constitution to function properly 
  • Sets down the lofty aims and socio-economic objectives to be achieved through proper processes that are constitutional in nature. 

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FAQs about What is the Importance of Preamble?

  • The Preamble is the introductory document which introduces the basic principles of the Constitution of India and acts as the guiding force behind its objectives.

  • The preamble of India has tenets that were highlighted in the Objective Resolution drafted by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1946

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