Can the Preamble be Amended?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Yes, the Preamble of the Indian Constitution can be amended as per Article 368. During the Berubari Case in 1960, the amenability of the Preamble was questioned. In 1973, it was stated comprehensively by the Supreme Court that since the Preamble is a part of the Constitution, it can be amended as per the provisions of the Indian constitution.

Amendment of the Preamble

The Preamble is considered the heart and soul of the Indian Constitution. Although it can be amended as per the provisions of the constitution, its basic structure cannot be altered.

  • So far, only one amendment has been made to the Preamble of the constitution.
  • This amendment was made in the year 1976, by the forty-second Constitutional Amendment Act.
  • After this amendment, three new words were added to the Preamble, namely, socialist, secular, and integrity.
  • During the 1976 Emergency, Indira Gandhi set up a committee to introduce changes to the constitution.
  • Sardar Swaran Singh’s committee introduced the 42nd Amendment to the Indian Constitution.

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