What are the Different Types of Farming?

By Durga Prashanna Mishra|Updated : January 9th, 2023

The different types of farming are subsistence farming, commercial farming, transfer farming, intensive farming, extensive farming, plantation farming, and mixed farming. Farming is one of the main activities of any country. The economy of a country largely depends on agriculture, and farming depends on geographical conditions, labour, product demand, and technology level. Let us have a look below what are the types of cultivation and their speciality.

Different Types of Farming

Below we have jotted down the types of farming and highlighted their procedure and benefits.

Types of Farming



Subsistence farming

Characterized by small and scattered land holdings and the use of primitive tools.

High-yielding and different types of seeds can be used in the fields.

Shifting agriculture

Farmers grow crops and move to other lands when old fertility diminishes.

Helps in pest control and gives maximum yield 

Intensive farming

Small farms are cultivated using large inputs of manual labour, fertilizer, and manure.

More than one crop can be cultivated, which increases productivity.

Extensive farming

Large-sized fields are cultivated with the help of machines. The input of labour per unit is less.

Emphasis is laid on enhanced production.

Plantation farming

Single agriculture crop is produced

Usually produced for the export market

Commercial farming

Cultivation of crops is done for sale in the market

It gives higher benefits to the farmers

Mixed farming

Farming of crops and rising animal together is called mixed farming

Ensures steady income for farmers 

India is an agricultural country and farming is one of the main occupations pursued here. Agriculture contributes majorly to the GDP of the Indian economy, and these different types of farming contribute in their own way.

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FAQs on Types of Farming

  • There are various types of farming done for a specific area and to fulfill specific needs. The types of farming generally include Intensive farming, Subsistence farming, Commercial farming, Shifting farming, Extensive farming, Plantation farming, and Mixed farming.

  • The most common types of farming are Subsistence farming, commercial farming, and mixed farming. Different regions promote different varieties of farming that are suitable for their crop production.

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