UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus: IAS Mains Malayalam Syllabus PDF

By Aarna Tiwari|Updated : July 7th, 2022

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus should be properly researched if a UPSC aspirant is thinking to take it as an optional subject. Malayalam Literature is one of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC for its Mains Examination. Malayalam is of the 22 official languages recognized by the Union of India. The UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus is a vital source of preparation for all the candidates who have opted for the Malayalam as an optional subject. 

For choosing any optional subject, the prime criteria should be the interest in the material and the resources available for the same. In this article, we will be covering the entire Malayalam Literature Syllabus for UPSC, along with the booklist best suited for the preparation of the subject.

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UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus for IAS Mains

Malayalam is a Dravidian language, spoken in the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry (Mahé district) and in the Indian state of Kerala by the Malayali people. Malayalam is a designated official language status in Kerala, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry (Mahé district). Malayalam happens to have a close affinity with Tamil. It is so because, at one point, Tamil and Malayalam languages had a common root. Malayalam’s evolution as an independent language is found in the 9th century. 

The Malayalam Literature Syllabus for UPSC is lesser competition when it comes to other Optional Subjects for UPSC. The UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus is mostly static, does not need regular updation with Current Affairs, and respects the creative abilities of the students. During the UPSC Mains Exam Preparation, it can also prove to be a stress buster for candidates pertaining to the literary works in the subject.

IAS Malayalam Literature Syllabus

The Malayalam Literature Syllabus for UPSC can be aced in a few months if the candidates prepare the UPSC Preparation Strategy well. This can be done only when the candidate is fully aware of the UPSC Syllabus, along with the detailed study of the UPSC Prelims Syllabus and the UPSC Mains Syllabus. Examining the UPSC Exam Pattern along with the UPSC Exam Analysis helps to get a better understanding of the UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus.

The Malayalam Literature optional has two papers in the UPSC Mains Exam of 250 marks each, making a total of 500 marks for the Optional Subject. Below is an overview of the topics included in the UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus.


Topics Included

Paper- 1

Early phase of Malayalam Language

Linguistic features

Standardisation of Malayalam

Ancient and Medieval Literature

Poetry and Prose from Modern Literature

Paper- 2



Collection of selected readings

Malayalam Literature Syllabus for UPSC - Paper 1

The UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus for Paper- 1 includes basic understanding of the Malayalam language, along with its linguistic features and standardization of Malayalam. It also includes ancient, medieval, and modern literature. The answers for Paper- 1 need to be in Malayalam only.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus for Paper 1

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus for Paper- 1

Malayalam Literature Syllabus for UPSC - Paper 2

The UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus for Paper- 2 requires firsthand reading of the texts prescribed in the syllabus. The Paper- 2 of the UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus is designed in such a way that it tests the critical thinking ability of the candidate. The answers for the Paper- 2 need to be in Malayalam only.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus for Paper 2

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus for Paper 2

Download UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus PDF

To get a clear understanding of the syllabus, it is very important that the aspirant gets hold of the UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus in time. For the ease of the candidates, we have made a PDF of the syllabus. Download it and start preparing!

How to cover UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus?

The best strategy to complete the IAS Malayalam Literature Syllabus is to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the UPSC Syllabus, along with the UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus so that you can segregate topics accordingly.
  • Refer to the UPSC Malayalam Optional Books to cover the IAS Malayalam Literature Syllabus.
  • Practice the UPSC Previous Year Questions Papers exhaustively, which will help you in the final exam and also will develop a writing perspective for the UPSC Essay Paper.
  • Maintain a rhythm and balance between the UPSC Syllabus and the Optional Subject Syllabus.
  • Strategize in such a way that you have ample time in hand for the revision period. Keep your short notes handy and try taking at least 1-2 mocks in a week for the optional subject.

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UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus FAQs

  • Malayalam Literature is gaining popularity among UPSC aspirants, particularly for the students belonging to Kerala and UT of Lakshadweep. In 2014, the AIR -2 of the UPSC CSE Result had Malayalam Literature as her optional. Her name was Renu Raj. If one prepares well with a strategic approach, every optional is good.

  • One can download the UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus PDF from here. Other than this, the syllabus can also be downloaded from the official website of UPSC.

  • The Malayalam Language is one of the recognized languages of India under Schedule 8 of the Indian Constitution. The language is also included in the UPSC Syllabus as one of the optional subjects offered to the students. The Malayalam Literature Syllabus hasn’t changed in the past years and is more or less static in nature.

  • The UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus can be prepared in 3 months easily if the student follows the UPSC Preparation Strategy with full determination and sheer dedication. The UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus can be completed along with the reading of the UPSC Books and NCERT Books for UPSC.

    To cover the entire syllabus, you can refer to the UPSC Malayalam Optional Books to get the complete resource material in one place only.

  • Yes, definitely. The UPSC recognizes all the 22 official languages in India. Candidates can appear and write the UPSC Exam in any of the official languages. But, once the candidate opts for a particular language to write the UPSC Exam, he/she cannot change it midway through the exam.

  • To cover Malayam Literature Syllabus, one should have a basic reading of the Six nayas by A. R. Rajarajavarma, Ramacharitam, Mahabharatham Kilippattu, etc. For detailed information, one can refer to the Malayalam Booklist for UPSC.

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