Youngest IPS Officer in India – Safin Hasan Age, Biography, Achievements

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The youngest IPS Officer in India is 22-year-old Safin Hasan who cracked the prestigious UPSC examination in 2018. Hasan managed to become the youngest Indian Police Service Officer by securing the 570th rank in the Civil Services examination in 2018. He then went on to acquire the position of Assistant Superintendent of Police in the Jamnagar district of India on 23rd December 2019.

Being the gateway to some of the prestigious government positions like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc., the level of the UPSC examination is quite tough. Attaining the feat of becoming the youngest IPS Officer in India, the success story of Safin Hasan is an interesting and inspiring one to read for all UPSC aspirants.

Youngest IPS Officer in India

The youngest IPS Officer in India – Safin Hasan has been an inspiring personality for all young civil service aspirants since he cracked the UPSC exam in 2018. Fighting all odds, Hasan was able to cut through the tough competition and make his mark becoming the youngest IPS Officer of India. He was able to crack the UPSC exam on his first attempt at this young age.

Safin Hasan, the youngest IPS Officer in India, was born in the Kanodar village of Palanpur district, in Gujarat. He was born into a lower-middle-class family which was the reason behind a struggling childhood for Hasan who went on to break a record and became India’s youngest IPS Officer. Answering a question on how he was inspired to become an IPS Officer, Safin Hasan revealed that he got his inspiration from the DM of his district who once paid a visit when he first encountered an officer of such a rank.
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Youngest IPS Officer in India List

While Safin Hasan managed to crack the record of becoming the youngest IPS in India, there are several others like him who managed to clear the IPS exam at an early age in their respective states. The list involves the youngest IPS officers including males and females.

List of Young IPS Officers Names of Officers
Youngest IPS Officer in Kerala Merin Joseph
IPS Officer in Maharashtra Noorul Hasan
Young IPS Officer of Telangana Pedditi Dhatri Reddy
IPS Officer in Andhra Pradesh Deepika M. Patil
Youngest IPS Officer in Haryana Pooja Yadav

Youngest IPS Officer in India Female

Sushree is one such popular name today who became the youngest IPS Officer in India Female. Every year a huge number of aspirants appear in the UPSC examination in order to realize their dream of serving the nation. Not everyone is able to get through but some of the most hardworking and dedicated candidates make their mark. We have seen increasingly that female candidates are also outrunning the male candidates in the race of becoming the youngest IPS Officers in India & serving in the police forces.

Sushree hails from Kerala and was able to achieve this remarkable victory of becoming one of the youngest IPS Officers in India at the young age of 23 years. She is now serving in the Odisha cadre. She was able to make it happen on her very first attempt and secured an attractive 151st rank in the IPS exam.

Success Story of Youngest IPS Officer – Safin Hasan

Safin Hasan has been a remarkable inspiration as the youngest IPS Officer in India till now at the small age of 22 years. He is a fine example of dedication and perseverance. His success proved that your background or life history doesn’t make any difference if you are determined to reach your goals.

In one of his interviews, he shared that a visit by the DM of his district Palanpur in Gujarat was the turning point and source of inspiration behind his strong aim of becoming the youngest IPS Officer in India. He was attracted towards the power of an IPS Officer when the District Magistrate promised them quick redressal of their grievances. That is when it hit him that he could also bring a big change if he was able to crack the toughest IPS exam.

Safin Hasan Biography

Safin Hasan is currently appointed as the Assistant Superintendent of Police in the Jamnagar district of India. He was born on 21st July 1995 to Naseem Banu and Mustafa Hasan and became the youngest IPS Officer in India at the age of 22. Here are some important facts related to Safin Hasan’s life:

  • Safin Hasan’s birthplace is Palanpur, Gujarat.
  • He has a brother named Asnain Hasan.
  • He follows the religion of Islam.
  • His height is 178 cm.
  • Marks obtained in 10th – 92%
  • Marks obtained in 12th – 92%
  • He attained degree of B.Tech in Electronics and Communication.

Safin Hasan’s Education

Safin Hasan completed his schooling in Palanpur, Gujarat from the SKM High School. Later he got transferred to Ascent High School of Science as it was an English medium school. After completing his school education, he decided to pursue a B.Tech degree from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Institute of Technology in Electronics and Communication which was situated in Surat.

He was an intelligent student and therefore achieved 92% marks in both 10th and 12th standard and later on got inspired to become the youngest IPS Officer of India.

Achievements of Safin Hasan

The greatest achievement of Safin Hasan has been of becoming the youngest IPS Officer in India. He was only 22 years old when he appeared for the UPSC examination. Looking at his humble background, he had to face many challenges and hardships before achieving this feat.

Preparation Strategy of Youngest IPS Officer

Safin Hasan belonged to a very humble family and therefore he was not as privileged as many other students. Despite all this, he was able to achieve his goal because of his hard work and unwavering determination. His preparation plan was simple but also got cooperation from various people including strangers.

A locally based businessman Hussain Polra with his wife Raina Polra gave money to help Safin Hasan prepare for his IPS exam in Delhi which included all his expenses. Another couple Husainbhai and his wife Jarinaben also contributed to his journey and lend him money for UPSC preparation. His UPSC preparation strategy included meeting various IPS and IAS Officers in Delhi to receive timely and invaluable guidance from them.

UPSC Attempts of Safin Hasan

Safin Hasan’s determination towards becoming the youngest IPS Officer led him to achieve his goal in very less attempts. Unfortunately, while on the way to his UPSC attempt in 2017, he faced a severe accident but that did not stop him from giving the examination. He constantly faced medical issues until his final interviews after he was able to get 570th rank all over India. He was able to get selected as the youngest IPS Officer in his second attempt.

Rank of the Youngest IPS Officer in India

Safin Hasan was the first person to become an IPS Officer at 22 years of age. He was able to secure an AIR of 570 in the UPSC examination which made him the youngest IPS Officer in India.

Books Referred By Safin Hasan

While sharing his preparation strategy, Safin Hasan also shared the most important books for the IPS exam which were useful to him in the UPSC preparation.

Name of the Book Author
Medieval India Satish Chandra
Indian Society Ram Anuja
Science and technology Sheelwant Singh
Modern History Bipin Chandra
Social Issues Ram Anuja
Indian Polity M. Laxmikant
Geography Mahesh Kumar Bernal
Economy and Ecology Majid Husain
Indian and World Geography Majid Hussain
Ancient History R.S. Sharma
Indian Economy Ramesh Singh
World History Arjun Dev
Art & Science Nitin Singhania

Safin Hasan’s Marksheet

To provide some clarity to future aspirants, Safin Hasan also shared the marks that he obtained in the UPSC examination that lead him to become the youngest IPS Officer in India.

  • GS Paper 1 – 94 marks
  • GS Paper 2 – 88 marks
  • GS Paper 3 – 114 marks
  • GS Paper 4 – 87 marks
  • Essay – 148 marks
  • Optional Gujarati language (1) – 137 marks
  • Optional Gujarati language (2) – 130 marks
  • Total written exam – 798 marks
  • Personality Test – 204 marks
  • Total – 1002 marks

Safin Hasan 12th Percentage

Safin Hasan was a bright student throughout his school and college years. He was able to score excellent marks in both the 10th and 12th standards. He secured 92% in both his 10th & 12th standard exams.

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Tips to Become the Youngest IPS Officer in India

To follow in the footsteps of the youngest IPS Officer in India, Safin Hasan, all UPSC aspirants need to keep a few points in mind.

  • Acquaint yourself with the entire UPSC exam, including the exam pattern, eligibility criteria and other guidelines.
  • Familiarize yourself with the UPSC syllabus.
  • Always have complete information about the position you wish to apply for if you get selected as a civil services officer.
  • Jot down your goals and aspirations on why you really wish to become an IAS officer.
  • This will give you better clarity on your future goals and will help you stay motivated and focused.
  • Follow a limited amount of resources and collect quality UPSC study material.
  • Read the English and Hindi newspaper on a daily basis to improve your language skills and your general knowledge.
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