Write the Differences Between Himadri, Himachal, and Shivalik Ranges

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The differences between Himadri, Himachal, and Shivalik Ranges are the highest Himalayan peaks are located in the Himadri region, Himachal is the middle Himalayan range, and Shivalik is the lowest Himalayan range. Himadri, Himachal, and Shivalik ranges are three parallel Himalayan ranges. Shivalik is located in the southernmost region of the Himalayas, Himadri is in the central region, and Himachal is in the northernmost part of the Himalayas.

Differences Between Himadri, Himachal, and Shivalik Ranges

The key differences between Shivalik Ranges, Himadri, and Himachal are mentioned in the table given below:

Himadri Range Himachal Range Shivalik Range
It is the uppermost range of the Himalayan mountains, often called the Greater Himalayas. It is the middle Himalayan range, lying south of the Himadri range. It is referred to as Lesser Himalayas. It is the outermost Himalayan range, called the Outer Himalayas.
Located at an average height of about 6000 meters from sea level. Located at an average height of 3700-4500 meters above sea level. Located at an average height of 900-1100 meters above sea level.
Peaks such as Kanchenjunga (Highest Peak in India) and K2 are located here. Popular hill stations like Shimla, Kullu Valley, Mussoorie, etc., are a part of this range; sub-ranges of the Himachal range include Pir Panjal, Mahabharat and Dhauladar. The ‘duns’ like Dehradun, Kotli Dun, and Patli Dun lie in the Shivalik range.
The Himadri range comprises granite as its core. The Himachal range is made up of compressed rocks. This mountain range comprises unconsolidated sediments, gravel, and alluvium.

Himadri vs Himachal vs Shivalik Ranges

The Shivalik, Himachal, and Himadri ranges are on various levels of the Himalayan range. The Greater Himalayas, or Himadri, are the highest range in the Himalayas.

  • The Lesser Himalayas, also known as Himachal, is the middle range.
  • The outermost Himalayan range, also known as the Outer Himalayas, is the Shivalik range.

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