What is the Difference Between Jagirdar and Zamindar?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Jagirdar and Zamindar in the Mughal period was that Jagirdars were those who collected revenues, and Zamindars were hereditary owners of the property. Zamindar belonged to the nobility and essentially made up the ruling class, while the Jagirdar belonged to the feudal class that was in charge of collecting taxes.

Difference between Jagirdar and Zamindar

The Zamindars were the owners of the revenue rights since they were the large landowners, and the Jagirdars received their pay as a portion of the taxes/revenue they collected.

The major differences between Jagirdar and Zamindar have been illustrated in the table given below:

Jagirdar Zamindar
A “jagir” given to him in lieu of certain obligations is held by or temporarily owned by a “Jagirdar” (judicial or otherwise). A zamindar is typically the owner of sizable land(s) passed down through his family.
In a sense, the taxes and other revenue that Jagirdar collected served as his salary; the remainder went to the Mughal Treasury. The rights to the revenue belonged to and were payable to a Zamindar.
The Jagirdari or Mansabdari System was initially introduced by the Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century and continued during the Mughal Empire. A Zamindar was also expected to provide soldiers for the royal army and perform other military duties.
The early sultans of Delhi modified an existing agrarian system to create their own. Zamindar was regarded as the land cultivator or one of the joint owners who shared ownership of village lands.
Due to its feudalistic nature, it tended to weaken the central government by establishing essentially independent baronies. A ‘Zamindar’, on the other hand, as the name suggests, was the owner of large land (Zameen) with whole proprietary rights.

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