Write down the Difference between Extensive Farming and Intensive Farming

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Extensive Farming and Intensive Farming depends upon the number of inputs of capital used and labor employed to cultivate farms. Intensive farming uses a lot of labor and resources compared to the amount of land it occupies. On the other hand, extensive farming involves cultivating large farms with relatively fewer labor and capital inputs.

Difference between Extensive Farming and Intensive Farming

Intensive farming and extensive farming are two different methods of farming focused on different cultivation practices. These practices produce different results and impact the final yields.

The major differences between intensive farming and extensive farming have been illustrated in the table given below:

Extensive Farming Intensive Farming
This farming method uses lower capital and labor inputs to cultivate large farms. This farming method uses higher inputs of labor and capital to cultivate relatively smaller farms.
This is an inexpensive farming method. This farming method requires expensive investments.
The per-hectare output of extensive farming is small. Intensive farming can produce large per-hectare output.
It is practiced in remote, moderately populated locations. It is practiced in prime locations where the population density is high.
The process utilizes fewer resources. The process utilizes more resources.

Extensive Farming vs Intensive Farming

In contrast to extensive farming, intensive farming involves mechanizing and intensifying processes of Indian Agriculture to boost output.

  • To guarantee that the output is of the highest quality and quantity, expensive machinery, equipment, and inputs like pesticides, fertilizers, etc., are used.
  • On a large-scale farm, however, extensive farming techniques use scarce resources.
  • Traditional farming methods are frequently used on these farms, and the final product is inferior to the farm’s size and potential.

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