Who was the Leader of the Bolshevik Party?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Leader of the Bolshevik Party was Vladimir Lenin. The primary goal of the Bolshevik Party was to depose the Tsar and establish a communist regime in Russia. The term “Bolshevik” (Russian for “One of the Majority”) refers to a branch of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party, which took over the country’s government in October 1917 and rose to prominence in politics under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.

Leader of the Bolshevik party

The organization was founded at the second party congress in the year 1903. This was when Lenin’s supporters gained a temporary majority on the party’s central committee and the editorial board of the flagship newspaper Iskra by arguing that party membership should only be open to career revolutionaries.

  • Their opponents were known as Mensheviks (Those of the Minority), while they were known as Bolsheviks.
  • Despite the fact that both sides collaborated during the Russian Revolution of 1905 and appeared to be reconciled (around 1906 and 1910), their differences grew.
  • The Bolsheviks insisted on having a well-organized, professional party.
  • They refused to cooperate with the administration and other political parties in electing new Dumas and boycotted the 1906 elections for Russia’s parliament, the First State Duma.
  • Furthermore, the Mensheviks and non-Russian Social Democrats opposed their sources of income, which included thievery.


Who was the Leader of the Bolshevik Party?

The Bolshevik Party was led by Vladimir Lenin. The Bolshevik Party’s primary goal was to depose the Tsar and establish a communist regime in Russia. They were known as Bolsheviks, while their opponents were called Mensheviks. The Bolsheviks wanted an organized and sophisticated party but refused to cooperate with other political parties and administrations in electing new dumas.

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