What is a Feudal System in the French Revolution?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

A feudal system in the French Revolution is known as a land tenure organization. The feudal system was a political and social organization in which the rulers leased their land to the peasants for their free labour and loyalty. The upheavals of the eighteenth century in France, known as the “French Revolution”, changed the dynamics between the people and the ruling class. King Louis XVI’s disastrous policies, which hurt France’s economic condition, led to the French Revolution.

Feudal System in the French Revolution

Before the French Revolution, feudalism (a feudal system) was prevalent in France. Before the modern nation-state, the medieval form of government was known as feudalism.

  • Feudalism is a system of land ownership and responsibilities
  • Additionally, France had a role in the spread of feudalism to other countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and Eastern Europe
  • Feudalism flourished in medieval Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries and combined legal, economic, military, and cultural practices
  • In its broadest sense, it was a way of organizing society around the bonds derived from the possession of property in exchange for labor or other forms of service
  • Peasants had to pay their dues through unpaid work, agricultural production, or through cash under the system
  • As a result, feudalism gave stability to the nobility during this time and gave immense power and control over the land

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