What are the Sources for Medieval Indian History?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Medieval Indian history was borrowed from the West, where the modern period was connected with the emergence of all modern forces such as science, reason, democracy, liberty, and equality. Medieval Indian history describes a society where these features of modern society did not exist. Britishers have divided Indian history into ‘ancient’, ‘medieval’, and ‘modern’.

Sources for Medieval Indian History

The medieval period in Indian history began in the eighth century and lasted until the 18th century. India experienced significant social, economic, religious, and political upheavals during the medieval period of Indian history.

Medieval history was traced using archaeological and literary sources of information. Monuments, temples, inscriptions, coins, and weaponry are examples of archaeological sources. Moreover, manuscripts, which were handwritten documents, were gathered by rich people, monasteries, rulers, and temples.

These literary sources are extremely informative and helpful for historians to understand the medieval history of India. Lastly, poems, folk songs, dances and biographies of ancient rulers are also a testament to the incredible medieval Indian history.

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