Which is the First Education Commission in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The First Education Commission in India was the Hunter commission. It was established on February 3, 1882, by Lord Ripon, the country’s then-governor-general. Sir William Hunter, a representative on the Viceroy’s Executive Council, served as the commission’s chairman. The commission is therefore referred to as the Hunter Commission.

First Education Commission in India

The commission was established with the significance of primary education in mind. On February 3, 1882, Lord Ripon, India’s then-Governor-General, established the Hunter Commission, the country’s first education commission. The Hunter Commission was so named because Sir William Hunter served as its chairman.

The improvement of primary education was one of the main goals for forming this commission. Although the Hunter Commission made some recommendations, the development of primary education could not be fully realized.

A few recommendations are as follows:

  • While recruiting/selecting people for some of the lowest Government positions, preference should be given to people who can at least read or write.
  • School districts should be formed by choosing any municipal or rural unit of Local self-government and establishing schools that are placed under their jurisdiction in each district.
  • Municipal and District Boards were also asked to assign funds for primary education.

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