Which Factors helped the British conquer Bengal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The factors that helped the British conquer Bengal included their superior military and they used clever political maneuvering or bribery to win the allegiance of Mir Jafar as one of the leaders of the Bengal army. It turned out that his betrayal during the Battle of Plassey was a key element in the British victory. This would eventually show that his treason greatly influenced the British victory at the Battle of Plassey.

Factors helped the British conquer Bengal

The first Indian kingdom that the British invaded was Bengal. The East India Company had successful business dealings with this province. Bengal’s vast resources proved useful for British funding expansion. About 60% of British imports from Asia are Bengali goods.

The British East India Company established Calcutta in the 1690s, and it later developed into a bustling British trading center.

  • The Company was given permission by the Mughal emperor to engage in unrestricted trade in Bengal in exchange for an annual payment of Rs 3,000 (£350).
  • The Company’s exports from Bengal, on the other hand, had a yearly value of over £ 50,000.
  • Due to their competing commercial interests, this caused the main point of contention between the British administration and the Bengali government.
  • The British felt the need for a “puppet” to act as the Nawab on the throne of Bengal and willingly granted them trade advantages and other privileges in order to establish their indirect but ultimate dominance in the province.


Which Factors helped the British conquer Bengal?

The British were able to conquer Bengal owing to their superior military prowess and deft political maneuvering, or bribery, to win Mir Jaffar’s allegiance as one of the leaders of the Bengal Army.

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