When was the Ganga Action Plan Started?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Ganga Action Plan was started in 1985 by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. It was the first ‘River Action Plan’ to be implemented in India. This plan is also known as the First River Action Plan. It was fully sponsored by the central government and aimed at cleaning the river Ganga.

Since its inception in 1985, the scope of the plan has been expanded to include all of the country’s major rivers, and it was further expanded to include the remaining major rivers under the National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) in 1995.

What is Ganga Action Plan?

The river Ganga has major religious and historical significance for the country but has been polluted heavily over the past few decades. The Ganga Action Plan was initially announced to improve the water quality of Indian rivers, which has become a serious concern since the constant urbanization happening in the country.

The Ganga Action Plan was introduced to reduce the increasing pollution in the rivers resulting from several reasons. Also known as GAP, it was launched by Rajiv Gandhi, the Indian Prime Minister at that time.

Ganga Action Plan Launch Year

  • The action plan included a few steps: interception, sewage treatment, and diversion. The industrialization process has majorly resulted in the pollution of water bodies due to industrial chemical wastes and all kinds of toxic materials, which are equally hazardous to humankind.
  • The Ganga Action Plan was created to reduce pollution levels in the Ganga River, hence the name Ganga Action Plan.
  • This scheme was entirely funded by the government. The Ganga Action Plan established the National River Ganga Basin Authority, and Ganga was designated as India’s national river.
  • The Prime Minister of India and the Chief Ministers of all the states where the Ganga flows are at the helm of this authority.


When was the Ganga Action Plan Started?

The Ganga Action Plan was launched in 1985. It was the first attempt of the Government to clean the river, Ganga. It was a moderately successful plan. Further, the plan was extended to cover the other major rivers under the National River Conservation Plan.

Initially, the central government planned to clean the river in the year 1979. However, it was only in 1985 that the action plan was launched, and the cleaning of the river began.

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