Name the Acid is Present in Ant Sting

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Methanoic acid or Formic Acid is present in Ant Stings. The acid produced by ants is called Methanoic acid. The chemical formula of Methanoic acid is HCOOH. It is essential to apply a mild base such as baking soda or soap to neutralize the effect of such acid. It also impacts the ants as after stinging, they lose their sting, which releases formic acid, which can be harmful to them.

Acid Present in an Ant’s Sting

When an ant bites, it injects an acidic liquid known as Methanoic acid into the skin. This acid causes a burning sensation. Immediate rubbing of a basic salt, such as baking soda, can neutralize the effect of the sting.

An ant bite, in rare cases, can also be extremely painful. This can also be quite life-threatening for people who are allergic to formic acid. It is advised that if an ant stings a person, immediate precautions must be taken, so the formic acid that is released into the body does not start spreading into the bloodstream.

Facts about Ants Sting

Below, we have mentioned important facts pertaining to ants.

  • Ants are known to be extremely hardworking and are considered to be very strong.
  • Ants can carry the weight that is 50 times their body weight.
  • There are more than 10,000 species of ants that exist in the world.
  • Ants do not have lungs or ears.
  • Ants have existed for a long time and are known to be as old as dinosaurs.


Which Acid is Present in Ant Sting?

The acid present in the sting of an ant is known as Methnoic acid. This is also known as formic acid. When an ant stings a person, it loses its sting and starts secreting formic acid. This formic acid gets released into the skin of the person who is stung. This can cause severe itching and skin irritation. Rubbing a basic salt like baking soda can provide relief to the person and neutralize the effect of the sting.

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