Why did Muhammad Ghori Invade India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Muhammad Ghori invaded India to acquire wealth and spread Islam in the region. In 1175 A.D., Muhammad Ghori invaded India. After capturing Multan and Punjab, he moved closer to Delhi. In the First Battle of Terrain, which took place in 1191 A.D., the valiant Rajput chiefs of northern India led by Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated him. Muhammad Ghori returned after about a year to exact revenge for his loss.

Muhammad Ghori Invasions

The real architect of Muslim rule in India was Muhammad Ghori, also referred to as Muhammad of Ghur. His multiple invasions led to different battles in the hope of conquering the golden land of India and making it a Muslim state.

  • He eventually succeeded in creating a safe and robust Muslim kingdom in India after a string of invasions.
  • He was an aspirational leader who sought to increase his wealth and power.
  • He was well aware of India’s enormous wealth and gold reserves as well as its political, social, and religious weaknesses.
  • He also wanted to subjugate India’s Hindu population in order to spread Islam there.
  • The numerous invasions of Ghori allowed all foreign kings to enter India.
  • The Slave Dynasty, which emerged as a result of Ghori’s invasions, was a new dynasty.

Major Invasions of Muhammad Ghori against India

  • Conquest of Multan and Sindh, 1175-1178
  • Anhihvara, Capital of Gujarat, 1178
  • Conquest of Punjab and Lahore, 1179-1186
  • The First Battle of Tarain, 1191
  • The Second Battle of Tarain, 1192
  • The Battle against Jai Chand Rathor in Kanuaj, 1194 AD
  • Conquests of Gujarat, Bundelkhand, Bengal, and Bihar, 1195-1202 AD
  • Revolt of Khokhars, 1205 AD


Why did Muhammad Ghori Invade India?

Muhammad Ghori invaded India in order to conquer the country and spread Islam. He wanted to create a robust Muslim state. Muhammad Ghori occupied India in 1175. He advanced toward Delhi after taking Multan and Punjab. It took him multiple invasions to conquer different parts of India and spread his rule. He was assassinated on 15 March 1205 while offering prayers.

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