Which of the Following Administrative Changes were Introduced after Revolt of 1857?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

(A) The crown assumed the power to govern through the viceroy.

(B) A process of decentralization was initiated.

(C) Indians were to be included in important and strategic locations and branches of the Army.

(D) The approach toward educated Indians was softened.

The Administrative change introduced after the Revolt of 1857 was the initialization of the process of decentralization. The British were forced to inspect the complete nature of their connection with India due to considerable support for the revolt of 1857.

Administrative Changes Introduced after the Revolt of 1857

The administrative changes that were introduced after the revolt of 1857:

  • The British Crown was empowered to govern India by the Government of India Act 1858.
  • It provided for the Governor-General to have an Executive Council.
  • The members of the council were to function as his official advisers and as heads of different departments.
  • The Secretary of State for India, aided by a Council, was to exercise power wielded by the directors of the Company and the Board of Control.

Revolt of 1857

The revolt of 1857 was a significant uprising in India in 1857-1858 against the British East India Company, which served as the British Crown’s sovereign power. In the garrison town of Meerut, 64 kilometers to the northeast of Delhi, sepoys of the Company’s army staged a mutiny on May 10, 1857, signaling the start of the uprising. Later, it turned into additional mutinies and populace uprisings, primarily in central India and the upper Gangetic plain.

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