What were the Achievements of Kanishka?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Achievement of Kanishka is the widespread adoption of Buddhism after the period of Emperor Ashoka, even though he was born of a mixed race. Kanishka is known primarily for his remarkable history in India and especially for the religion of Shakyamuni. The great emperor Kanishka succeeded Kujula in the second century. He was renowned for his spiritual achievements and military policy.

Achievements of Kanishka

After converting to Buddhism, his ministry was devoted to the Mahayana faith. The 4th Buddhist Council, which is in Kashmir, was convened at Kundalavana Vihara. According to Hiuen Tsang and Al Beruni, Kanishka constructed a sizable relic tower in Peshawar that rose to fame throughout the Buddhist world.

  • India underwent a renaissance during his rule, and the Gupta civilization was established.
  • He also increased the emphasis on language (Sanskrit).
  • Samgharaksha, Nagarjuna, Charaka, Vasumitra, and Asvaghosa, whose writings were known about the Buddha’s life in Sundarananda kavya and also Buddha charity, were among the great scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and possibly more.
  • The development of Gandhara art required the Kushana era. The Greco-Buddhist style, which resulted from this blending of Eastern and Western cultures, came to be known.
  • By fusing Indian and Greek aesthetics, a new school of art known as the “Gandhara School of Art” was produced.
  • The Gandhara region, now in Afghanistan, is where this fashion got its start.


What were the Achievements of Kanishka?

Despite being of mixed race, the greatest Achievement of Kanishka was the widespread acceptance of Buddhism after the reign of Emperor Ashoka. The spread of Buddhism and its conquest from Gandhara to China across the Karakoram played a significant role.

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