Which Religion did Kanishka follow?

By Balaji

Updated on: February 17th, 2023

Kanishka followed Buddhism. In the second century AD, there was a ruler named Kanishka the Great in the Kushan Empire. He was known for his military, political and religious achievements. Kanishka’s conquests greatly expanded the Kushan Empire, and he supported Buddhism, which helped spread Mahayana Buddhism from Gandhara across the Karakoram Mountains to China.

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Religion followed by Kanishka

Kaniska is best known for supporting Buddhism and inviting the fourth great Buddhist council to Kashmir, which helped to establish Mahayana Buddhism. Another thing that resulted from his conquest was the Silk Road.

  • Chinese texts assert that for the assembly, official interpretations of the Buddhist canon were made and inscribed on copper plates.
  • This literature has only been kept in Chinese translations and adaptations.
  • According to the coins he issued, Kaniska was a tolerant ruler who honoured the Buddha along with the gods of Zoroastrianism, Greece, and Brahmanism.
  • The most striking illustration of the blending of Eastern and Western influences during his rule is probably the Gandhara school of art, which features Classical Greco-Roman lines in images of the Buddha.
  • During his reign, trade and intellectual exchange significantly increased thanks to contacts with the Roman Empire made through the Silk Road.


Which religion did Kanishka follow?

Buddhism was practised by Kanishka. The Kushan Empire’s sultan in the second century AD was Kanishka the Great. He has received widespread praise for his military, political, and religious accomplishments.

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